Sylvia Kernke ran a “hamster wheel” until a friend warned her: You are addicted to work.

Today, the marketing professor and coach helps others draw strength from failure.


You once wrote a very personal sentence: "At 50 I was faced with the ruins of my life".

As the?

Sylvia Kernke:

When I was 50, I made a

fresh start, both

professionally and privately.

After 18 years my marriage was in crisis.

I downsized my marketing agency to a minimum, organized couples therapies together, and mainly worked on saving my marriage.


A friend had previously warned you that you were "addicted to work".

Was she right?

Kernke: Definitely


Job addiction is particularly tricky.

Because many people praise you for being so hard-working.

If my girlfriend hadn't shaken me up, I'd probably be looking at the radishes from below today.