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The French Government has formalized this Friday a procedure that accelerates the

evictions of squatters

from all types of homes, including second homes, to fight against these practices and strengthen the rights of owners.

The Ministers of the Interior,

Gérald Darmanin

, Justice,

Éric Dupond-Moretti

, and Housing,

Emmanuelle Wargon

, indicated in a statement that they have sent an instruction to the prefects (Government delegates) that details the application of a law adopted on 7 December with that goal.

The ministers emphasized that administrative evictions can also be carried out in homes that were unoccupied at the time the squatters arrived, and that "constitutes a true protection for owners of secondary or occasional residences."

They have also stressed that these procedures are not affected by the regulations that prevent the evictions of tenants in France during the winter, between November 1 and March 31.

The eviction of squatters

may be requested by the owners, the tenants, but also by any person

acting on their behalf, which includes, for example, the relatives of an elderly person who has been interned in a residence.

The finding of an illegal occupation may be made by a judicial police officer.

As soon as an eviction request is submitted, the prefect

will have to give an answer within 48 hours


It can only be rejected for "an overriding reason of general interest" or when the conditions of the forced evacuation procedure are not met.

Once the prefect's decision has been notified, the eviction must be done no later than 24 hours after the squatters have been notified that they have to leave the house.

"The Government - the ministers stressed - is determined to put an end to illegal occupations that deprive owners of their residence and to strengthen their rights by facilitating and speeding up procedures."

In parallel, they also recalled that they work to protect people in a precarious situation without a home.

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