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you purchase an electric car this year, you will receive up to 19 million won from the government and local governments, and up to 37.5 million won for hydrogen cars.

The government announced a plan to reorganize the subsidy system in 2021, and plans to supply 136,000 eco-friendly cars this year.

In the case of electric vehicles, subsidy support standards are differentiated for each price segment to increase entry-level models.

Subsidies are provided in full for those less than KRW 60 million, but 50% of the subsidy is provided for KRW 60 million or more and less than KRW 90 million, but not for KRW 90 million or more.


As of the end of last year, the Korea Securities Depository revealed that Tesla had the largest amount of foreign currency stocks stored through the KSD as of the end of last year at $7.84 billion, and KRW 8.6 trillion in Korean money.

This is equivalent to 16.7% of the total foreign currency stock storage.

After Tesla, US tech stocks such as Apple, Amazon, Nvidia, and Microsoft took the top spot.


LG Electronics introduced Chloe Baristabot, a robot that makes coffee by itself, into LG Twin Tower.

Chloe Baristabot is the first robot in Korea to obtain the certificate of'Robot Brewing Master' from the Korean Coffee Association. It can understand coffee extraction tools and methods and make the best coffee.

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Lunar New Year holidays approaching three weeks ahead, expensive gift sets are gaining popularity.

According to E-Mart, sales of gift sets exceeding 200,000 won from the 24th to the 27th of last month increased 244% from last year.

At SSG.com, gift set sales of over 200,000 won will increase 270% over the same period, and the share of total gift set sales of over 200,000 won will increase from 5% last year to 10% this year.