Due to the growing global demand for semiconductors, major manufacturers of semiconductors for automobiles are considering raising prices.

There is a shortage of semiconductors and the movement to reduce production is spreading among automobile manufacturers, but it seems that the purchase price will also be affected.

Renesas Electronics manufactures microcomputers that control the movement of electronic devices, but has entered into negotiations with automobile manufacturers to raise prices, saying that demand for semiconductors is rising worldwide and raw material prices are rising.

Toshiba is also involved in power semiconductors that efficiently convert electric power into power, but it means that it has entered into negotiations to raise prices.

Global automobile sales fell temporarily on record due to the effects of the new coronavirus, but after that, as a result of a rapid recovery, there was a shortage of semiconductors for automobiles, and movements to reduce production are spreading among automobile manufacturers. I will.

In addition to that, the purchase price is likely to be affected.