The value of bitcoin has dropped significantly in recent days.

A week ago, the digital currency was still worth nearly $ 40,000, but on Friday the rate temporarily dipped below $ 30,000.

It is characteristic of the crypto coin, whose price values ​​fluctuate strongly.

Bitcoin reached its all-time high earlier this month: around $ 42,000 (approximately € 34,500).

After that it went downhill.

On Friday, the value of the coin even dropped to $ 28,800, only to rebound above $ 30,000 later in the morning.

The depreciation may have been caused by statements by the new US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen.

She said on Tuesday that she fears bitcoin could be used for money laundering.

Last week, ECB president Christine Lagarde already said that there should be more rules worldwide for the trade in the crypto currency.

Some market experts also believe that bitcoin is a bubble, or that the digital currency is currently significantly overvalued.

Despite the significant price drop, bitcoin is still by far the most valuable digital currency.

The number two is ethereum, at a considerable distance.

That crypto coin has also declined sharply in value in recent days and was at a rate of 1,136 dollars on Friday around 9 a.m.