BNP Paribas will generalize this year the principle of a paying client advisor for certain services which were until now free.

A way for the bank to compensate for the drop in rates and the near-loss sale of mortgage loans 

For BNP Paribas clients, we will have to get used to this change.

For 18 months, the bank has been experimenting with a new system setting up invoicing for advice to customers.

And this service, billed 12 euros per month, will be generalized this year.

A first in the sector. 


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For BNP Paribas clients who already have their habits with their banker in their branch, nothing will change, and they will have nothing to pay in addition, even by launching for example a mortgage.

They will therefore always be able to benefit from the advice of their dedicated advisor free of charge.

On the other hand, what will change is that if the client needs more high-end, more specific advice, such as on his assets and his savings, and he wishes to have another advisor specialized in these matters , in this case, the bank will invoice him 12 euros per month. 

"Even more competent advisers"

On the side of BNP Paribas, we defend ourselves.

"We are creating a new service with even more competent advisers in these areas," we told Europe 1.

The fact remains that the bank will charge for services hitherto free or included in monthly subscriptions.

At a time when rates are low and mortgage loans sold at almost a loss by banks, this is a way to catch up a bit.