In the izakaya industry, which has been required to shorten business hours since the state of emergency was declared, some major chains are closing 70% of their stores in the face of declining sales.

Of these, AP Holdings, which operates "Tsukada Farm," has received a state of emergency and about 70% of its 170 stores nationwide are closed.

Even the stores that are still open are closed at 8 pm as requested, and we are accelerating the opening hours, such as starting lunch business, in order to secure sales as much as possible.

However, sales since the beginning of January have remained at about 30% of last year even at stores that are open, and there are times when there are almost no customers at stores in Shibuya, Tokyo during the evening hours.

Hisashi Yoneyama, president of AP Holdings, said, "Customers start moving around 7:00 pm, and if the last order is immediately reached and ends at 8:00 pm, it will not be a viable business."

On the other hand, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has provided a cooperation fee of 60,000 yen per store per day only to small and medium-sized businesses that responded to requests for shortening business hours, but major businesses are also delayed by two weeks 22 It was added to the payment target from the day.

Regarding this, President Yoneyama said, "I would like to thank you for this decision. However, major companies have paid a lot of taxes and created employment, but the savings have already been blown away and it is not enough considering fixed costs. It is normal as soon as possible. Returning to the world is our top priority, and we will cooperate, so we want you to take equal measures. "