Bureau McKinsey & Company is conducting research into the availability of cash in the Netherlands on behalf of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), DNB announced on Thursday.

The reason for the investigation is that the infrastructure of cash, and with it the possibilities to get it and spend it, is increasingly under pressure.

The results of the study should form the basis for a system that guarantees the availability of cash in a safe way, for at least a period of ten years.

Cash is used less and less.

"This is the result of the declining use of cash as a means of payment, a rapid reduction in the number of ATMs and retailers that increasingly discourage the use of cash", according to DNB.

The corona crisis has further accelerated this development.

Flops also mean that there are fewer and fewer ATMs.

However, cash must remain available, including as an alternative in the event of pin failures.

DNB announced last autumn that the availability of cash in the medium term is a concern and that an investigation would be carried out.

This must be completed by mid-year and will be presented to the Minister of Finance.