DHL parcel collection points will be installed in 250 HEMA stores.

These points will be opened on Friday, both companies announced on Thursday.

The collection points should provide relief for DHL, which has to process a lot of packages due to the increased popularity of online shopping.

The first 250 package points will open on Friday 22 January.

More will probably be added in the near future.

HEMA has a total of 550 stores in the Netherlands.

The collection points are spread across the country and are opened in both towns and cities.

The HEMA stores are closed due to the lockdown.

The opening of the packet points does not change that.

Consumers can only pick up their parcel or have it returned and therefore not buy anything in the store.

Customers cannot pick up items at the DHL point that they have purchased from the HEMA web store.

Due to the corona crisis and contact-limiting measures, online shopping has boomed.

For example, DHL delivers approximately one million parcels in the Netherlands every day.

The new HEMA points should relieve some of the pressure on delivery.

HEMA and DHL want to keep the pick-up locations when the contact-limiting measures are no longer in force.

No statements are made about the financial agreements between the two parties.