The labor and management of the courier industry finally agreed on the issue of responsibility for sorting work to prevent overwork of courier workers.

According to the government and the courier union, the courier company and the union finally agreed on a government arbitration proposal early today (21st).

Yesterday, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport held a meeting with courier companies to solve the problem of overworked courier drivers.

In the interview, it was reported that the main issue was how to specify who is responsible for the classification process.

Classification has been pointed out as a cause for courier drivers to load items to be delivered into vehicles before delivery, placing a heavy burden on drivers.

Until now, courier companies have viewed sorting as one of the courier's jobs and left it to the courier, but the union has insisted that the sorting work, which is the pre-delivery stage, is the job of the courier service provider.

Accordingly, the courier labor, the Ministry of Land, Transport and the Ministry of Employment and Labor have formed a social consensus body to discuss the issue of classification work.

Labor and management agreed in a large framework on the basic principle of'not to pass on the sorting work to the courier', but could not narrow the disagreement over the details.

With the persuasion of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the courier industry accepted the union's request to specify the responsibility for the sorting operation in the agreement.

In addition, the agreement was reported to contain measures to prevent overwork, such as restrictions on night work.

In addition, the Democratic Party, the government, and the courier labor and management will hold an agreement ceremony at the National Assembly at 9:10 am today.

In addition, the courier union is holding a press conference to reveal its position on the general strike at 2 pm today.