The social consensus body for countermeasures against overworked parcel workers today (21st) announced the first agreement.

According to the agreement,'classification work', which was cited as the main cause of overwork of courier workers, will be excluded from the scope of work of courier workers in the future, and the courier must employ a dedicated manpower.

Inevitably, when the courier worker has to perform the sorting work, the corresponding price must be paid.

Late night delivery is also limited.

It has been agreed that the maximum working hours for courier workers are set at 60 hours a week and 12 hours a day, and late-night delivery after 9 p.m. is also restricted unless inevitable.

The agreement came from a social consensus body that was launched to prevent overwork of courier workers, and was derived from discussions that have been held since the launch of the National Assembly, business operators, workers, consumers, shippers, and the government in December last year.

The agreement announced today is ▲ clarification of the courier classification work to prevent actual overwork of the courier worker ▲ the scope of work of the courier and the input of the classification manpower ▲ Fees when the courier performs the sorting work ▲ the proper working conditions of the courier ▲Improving the transaction structure of courier fees and courier fees ▲Special measures for the high season of the New Year holidays ▲Standard contracts, etc. are included.