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Questions: the first break one trillion yuan GDP!

Perspective of Shandong Agricultural Development Signals

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Yu Xiaozhong, Zhang Zhilong, Shao Kun

  1019.06 billion yuan!

Xin Shuren, director of the Shandong Provincial Bureau of Statistics, told reporters that the total agricultural output value of Shandong in 2020 will exceed one trillion yuan, making it the first province in the country to have a total agricultural output value exceeding one trillion yuan.

Since 1990, Shandong's total agricultural output value has consistently ranked first in the country.

With the global economic downturn and the response to the epidemic situation, Shandong's total agricultural output value exceeds one trillion yuan, which is truly commendable.

  It broke one trillion for the first time, why is Shandong?

All kinds of thick foundation

  How many functions does a pepper have?

In Shouguang City's modern agricultural high-tech integration demonstration zone, there are more than ten kinds of functional pepper varieties for lowering blood pressure, high dimensional C, and weight loss.

  How does a piece of seaweed enter thousands of households?

In Qingdao Mingyue Group, seaweed has derived dozens of products: from alginic acid used in yogurt and milk to snack foods such as candies, candied fruit and jelly.

  Shandong is a traditional agricultural province with a wide variety of agricultural products. The supply of "rice bags" and "vegetable baskets" is sufficient, which not only meets the needs of the province, but also contributes to the stable production and supply of the country.

Especially in terms of vegetable supply, it occupies a considerable market share in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

  "Come on Wuhan, come on China."

On January 28 last year, 14 trucks loaded with 350 tons of qualified vegetables set off from Shouguang. These vegetables were donated to Wuhan for free to support Wuhan's fight against the epidemic.

  After the outbreak of the Shijiazhuang epidemic, Liu Xiao, a young man from Shandong, drove a truck full of cabbage from Lanling County overnight.

Liu Xiao said: "I want to deliver fresh Chinese cabbage to the people of Shijiazhuang as soon as possible, so that they can eat food with confidence."

  Some people say that this not only reflects the pride of Shandong people, but also comes from the confidence of a large agricultural province.

  Where does the confidence come from?

Statistics show that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Shandong Province accounted for about 1% of the country's freshwater resources and irrigated about 6% of the country's arable land.

The output of grain, meat, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products and peanuts accounted for 8%, 9%, 10%, 11%, 13% and 16% of the country respectively.

Strong technology and excellent quality

  A cabbage sold for 80 yuan, many people dare not think.

In the Yukesong Organic Vegetable Smart Factory in Wali Village, Fangzi District, Weifang City, the 10-story three-dimensional potted planting makes people feel high-tech.

"We don't use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. All are the natural ecological cycle of the farm. Vegetables are tasted when we were young. The average price is 30 yuan a catty." said Liu Xiangdong, secretary of the party branch of Wali Village and head of the Yuquanwa Cooperative.

  "The intelligent planting bed technology developed by Yuquanwa has broken through the problem that organic vegetables require a three-year conversion period. The agricultural products produced can reach the organic standard that year. The realization of multiple harvesting and three-dimensional planting of organic vegetables is a'technical' and even a'golden'. "Said Wang Zhaojie, director of the Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Fangzi District.

  From the laboratory to the field, from eating well to eating well and healthy, under the guidance of science and technology, Shandong has continuously promoted the improvement of agricultural quality and standardized production.

  100,000 mu of "sea rice" has realized the fragrance of rice in saline-alkali land; 48 deep-sea intelligent bottom-mounted cages have made the ocean a "fertile field"; mobile phones and satellites have become new agricultural machinery, live streaming has become a new agricultural technology, and 5G networks have become Xinnongji...

  Wang Lixin, director of the Shouguang Agriculture and Rural Bureau, said that taking advantage of the fact that the National Vegetable Quality Standards Center settled in Shouguang, the Vegetable Township has integrated and exported advanced technologies, production standards and solutions.

Every year, more than 9 million tons of vegetables are traded here, and the total output value of vegetables is about 11 billion yuan.

  Shandong's total agricultural output value took off thanks to the wings of technology.

In 2019, the contribution rate of Shandong's agricultural science and technology progress reached 64.56%, 5.36 percentage points higher than the national level.

  The "new agriculture" with high quality, high standards and sufficient technology has changed Shandong and injected vitality into development.

The latest customs data show that in 2020, Shandong’s agricultural exports reached 125.74 billion yuan, an increase of 1.9% year-on-year, accounting for 23.9% of the country’s total agricultural exports, and the export value hit a record high.

Long chain brand

  Since the reform and opening up, the integration of trade, industry and agriculture, and the industrialized management of agriculture from Weifang have become the vane leading the country's agricultural development.

Entering the new era, Shandong has innovated and upgraded the "Zhucheng Model", "Weifang Model" and "Shouguang Model" to promote the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. The chain of agriculture, a traditional industry, has elongated, bursting with new momentum and vitality.

  Weifang Vegetable Farm Quanhai supplies fresh vegetables to retailers' top 100 kitchens at high and stable prices.

The reporter learned that Zhongbai Big Kitchen has expanded from a purely tertiary retail industry to a secondary processing industry and a primary planting industry, becoming the "new six industries" in agriculture, with an annual output value of 4 billion yuan, which can drive 150,000 farmers per capita per year. Increased revenue by tens of thousands of yuan.

  By the end of 2019, the number of farmer cooperatives and family farms registered in Shandong Province reached 210,000 and 73,000 respectively; leading agricultural enterprises reached 9,600, and more than 18 million farmers participated in industrialized operations.

The "new six industries" drives the continuous growth of the main body, and the pull of many leading agricultural enterprises has laid the foundation for Shandong agriculture to shape the "upgraded version" of agricultural industrialization.

  For a long time, Shandong's agricultural diversity and export-oriented advantages have been obvious. Famous and special products such as Shouguang vegetables, Heze peony, and Dezhou braised chicken have enjoyed great reputation throughout the country.

In recent years, Shandong has taken high-efficiency and characteristic brand agriculture as a breakthrough, and the premium of agricultural products has been obvious.

  In Hanting District, Weifang City, Guo brand watermelon with thin skin and sand was sold at a high price of 100 yuan each, and the famous brand Guo brand watermelon has an output value of more than 200 million yuan this year; in Gaoqing County, sleep in soft beds and enjoy The "worth" of the black cow being massaged has exceeded 100,000 yuan, and the price is still in short supply.

  In Shandong, both the "grain head and food tail" or the "agricultural head and work tail" are all through the industrial chain extension, value chain improvement, supply chain integration "three-chain reconstruction", so that the operation of agriculture can obtain more benefits. A piece of agricultural development "Qilu style painting".

(Participation in writing: Ye Jing, Wang Yang, Zhang Liyuan and Jia Yunpeng)