Bum-soo Kim, chairman of the Kakao Board of Directors, donated 330,000 shares of Kakao shares to relatives, including his wife and two children.

The news is also drawing attention from netizens.


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Kakao announced that Chairman Beom-soo Kim donated 60,000 shares of treasury shares to his wife and two children, and 4,200 to 25,000 shares each to other relatives.

The closing price of Kakao on this day was 440,000 won, and the combined value of the donated shares exceeded 140 billion won.

As a result, Chairman Kim's share of ownership decreased from 14.2% to 13.74%.

Various opinions are coming out online on this news.

Chairman Kim, who is known from the so-called ``Sand Spoon,'' opinion that it is natural to share his current wealth with his family who helped him during difficult times, and that he should be criticized for sharing the fruits of his success with those who did not contribute to the success of Kakao.

On the other hand, there is an analysis that Kim gave a gift to ease the burden of gift tax because there is room for more Kakao stocks in the investment industry.

Netizens said, "Wow, if you give me a week, I'll spend a lot of money for a month!" And responded.