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  • The owners of the pizzeria Les Amoureux have decided not to offer a delivery service when the curfew is announced, like 53% of restaurateurs according to a study by the Nice Côte d'Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry. .

  • In 2020, there were fewer judgments at the Nice Commercial Court for receivership and liquidation than in 2019.

  • The situation holds only thanks to state aid according to Bernard Chaix, vice-president of the CCI.

"If we remove the curfew, in three days, we are operational," say Ivan Pasquariello and Monica Liberti, owners of the pizzeria Les Amoureux in Nice.

For over a month, the restaurant has been closed.

The Italian couple served only in the evening and only offered take-out.

When the government announced the latest health measures, they had no choice but to stop their activity.

“We did the math.

It was too much investment for what it would have brought us, details Monica Liberto.

Setting up a delivery service is 30% of the price of the dish.

We must also think about the cost of our products which come from Italy and the nanny to look after our children.

It wasn't even worth turning on the light.


According to a study by the Nice Côte d'Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry carried out last week, 53% of restaurants have not set up a delivery service.

The main reason ?

"The loss of margin induced on the turnover is a brake", indicates the report.

Of the 47% who offer this service, two thirds estimate a loss of more than 50% on their turnover.

"Contact is essential for our type of catering"

For the bosses of Les Amoureux, it was 75% less than they usually did.

So, beyond the practical side, it is also their entire identity that they did not want to distort with the delivery.

Ivan Pasquariello explains: “Contact is essential for our type of catering.

It is essential to be attentive and to adapt to the needs of each one.

We want to be able to exchange.

It is not just a question of serving a good dish, it is a whole to offer quality.

When we had to do take-out sales exclusively, we invested in boxes that allowed pizza to be brought home warm.

We were going to launch our website to order online and choose the time to come and pick it up without having to wait.

We want to become as qualitative on site as from a distance.


For Bernard Chaix, vice-president of the Nice Côte d'Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry and city councilor, the situation is not the same depending on the area.

“Certain difficulties are accentuated according to the activities carried out.

The impacts are different if you are in the restaurant business or in clothing ”.

On the eve of the sales, he remains confident: “The vast majority of businesses closed at 7 pm.

They made up for this less hour by opening earlier or between noon and 2 p.m.

They find solutions.

On the customer side, there is an adaptation phase.

They've already changed the way they work, they're changing the way they consume.

And then, nobody spends more on leisure, which means that there is purchasing power to be exploited.

Those who want to spend will be spoiled for choice.


"We are on a drip, that's why it's holding up"

This optimism is also reflected in the figures.

Comparing the situation in 2020 to that of 2019, the Nice Commercial Court experienced a drop of nearly 35% in judicial reorganization judgments, almost 40% fewer judicial liquidations and declarations of insolvencies have practically been halved.

"We are on a drip, relativizes Bernard Chaix.

These results are the result of loans guaranteed by the State, insurance, margin compensation.

It only works because the state is powerful and has mobilized emergency funds to help traders.

What dominates is the fear of tomorrow.

Over the weeks and months, will the eligibility criteria not be reduced?

Which business will survive and continue to exist?

It is all very fragile.

In the meantime, you have to use this period to be imaginative and inventive.


This is exactly what the pizza maker does: “I work with 25 different flours.

At the moment, I am experimenting on the retrogradation of the starch so that the dough is perfect, still flexible even if it cools.

We use this time to think about the future, hoping that customers can quickly taste my four different kinds of Marguerite, with four different types of mozzarella and tomatoes.



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