Transport company FedEx wants to cut between 5,500 and 6,300 jobs in Europe.

These are jobs in the FedEx Express section.

The company announced this on Tuesday.

It is not yet known whether jobs will also disappear in the Netherlands.

The cutback is a result of the takeover of TNT by FedEx in 2016. This has created double functions.

With the integration of the acquired company completed, FedEx is cutting its workforce.

It concerns functions in the back office and operational processes.

The American company has two logistics networks in Europe, one with Paris as the center and one in which Liège plays a pivotal role.

The latter will henceforth become the secondary network.

"We understand that while this decision is necessary, our team members, especially in Liège, are concerned about the future," said Dave Canavan, CEO of FedEx Express Europe.

The company adds that it is in consultation with authorities and social partners to discuss the impact on staff.

In doing so, FedEx is looking at options to encourage voluntary departure and redeployment within the company.

It is not yet entirely clear what the consequences will be for personnel in the Netherlands.

Fedex will report on request that it will only be able to provide more information about this later.