It carried out 140,000 inspection visits to the markets during 2020

Dubai Economy: There is no change in the precautionary measures despite the start of the vaccine distribution

  • The Dubai economy violated some shops that were lax in applying the precautionary measures.

    Photography: Ahmed Arditi

  • Abdullah Al Shehhi: “Consumers not wearing masks inside supermarkets are the responsibility of managing those stores.”


The Dubai Economy said that its commercial supervision and consumer protection sector carried out about 140,000 inspection rounds on markets and commercial establishments operating in the emirate during the year 2020.

The Dubai Economy confirmed that there is no change in the precautionary measures to combat the emerging "Corona" virus, but there is an emphasis on the need to follow precautionary measures, and not to tolerate the violating facilities, despite the success of the anti-disease vaccine distribution plan in the country.

Inspection tours

The Deputy Executive Director of the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector in Dubai Economy, Abdullah Al Shehhi, said during a media briefing yesterday, within the framework of the "Market Dialogue" initiative, launched by the Dubai Economic Department since last year, in cooperation with the media partner, "Emirates Today" newspaper, that The Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector carried out about 140,000 inspection rounds on markets and commercial establishments operating in the emirate during the past year.

He added that the sector inspectors in the field, since the beginning of 2021 until now, have released 39 violations against commercial establishments that violated the precautionary measures to combat the outbreak of the "Covid-19" pandemic, pointing to the continuation of precautionary measures, within the framework of the role played by the Dubai economy, through operations Monitoring the commercial market, to ensure the market and the economy recover from the pandemic.

No additional measures

Al-Shehhi denied the existence of more additional precautionary measures, stressing the continued emphasis on measures related to the necessity of wearing masks, physical distancing, and placing posters that show the importance of social distancing, and preventing congestion in shops.

He explained that the Dubai economy has violated some commercial stores, which found some laxity in applying the procedures, praising the cooperation that took place between Dubai Economy and government agencies on the one hand, and private sector establishments and shops on the other side.

Apply procedures

Al-Shehhi stated that there is a tendency to emphasize the application of precautionary measures, pointing to the responsibility of shops and commercial establishments to maintain the safety of their employees and consumers, saying: “Consumers’ failure to wear masks inside commercial stores is the responsibility of managing them, whether they are inside malls or in open markets. ” Indicating that the violation occurs on the commercial store, as the consumer is not obligated to wear the mask.

He added, "The store management can cooperate with the violating consumer, through security personnel present in the commercial centers, and in the event of non-compliance in the open markets, it is possible to contact Dubai Police to report cases of breaching the precautionary measures."

Sports halls

Al-Shehhi pointed out that an increase in the number of violations in sports halls has been observed, which is what the inspection teams have worked on in a way that raises awareness in these facilities, by encouraging sterilization, and following all precautionary measures, noting that Dubai Economy stressed the need to follow precautionary measures, which is This reduced the percentage of violations that reached, finally, less than 10% of the shops.

Al Shehhi called on consumers to report cases of violation via the phone or the smart application.

He said that most of the current observations are not wearing posters of social distancing, or wearing masks, stressing that the precautionary measures will continue until the full recovery from the Corona pandemic.

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