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Title: 7 departments, 29 provinces @ work outside of you: Leave the New Year these days?

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Jiang Lin and Wang Youling

  Following the initiative of 29 provinces to "Celebrate the New Year in situ", 7 departments including the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security have recently issued a notice that they will carry out a special action "Welcome the New Year and Send Warmth to the New Year, Stabilize Jobs and Keep Jobs" nationwide from January 21 to the end of March. Encourage and guide migrant workers and other migrant workers to stay in their places of employment safely during the Spring Festival.

  @You who are working in foreign countries, this is a different Spring Festival, for your "little family" and our "everyone", can you stay at ease?

Issuing consumer vouchers, reducing or exempting tickets, and skill subsidies. Many provinces have "actual measures" to keep you for the New Year

  Ye Guodong, 45, is an assembly worker in Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group Co., Ltd.

In previous years, he had to return to his home village for the New Year. This year he discussed with his wife that he planned to stay in Hangzhou during the Spring Festival.

  "It's definitely more sufficient to go home for the'New Year's taste', but there are still risks on the road, in case it is even more difficult to isolate. After all, health can lead to reunion." Ye Guodong said.

  "Going out is risky, and the wallet will be flat; staying in the company during the New Year will not reduce family affection." "Isolate for 14 days, it is better to stay and earn four or five thousand more." Facing the severe and complex epidemic prevention and control situation, more and more Migrant workers choose to stay like Ye Guodong.

  According to incomplete statistics, 29 provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Henan, etc. have successively issued the initiative of "not returning home if necessary during the Spring Festival".

Some places have introduced many incentive policies for migrant workers, such as free mailing of New Year's goods, reduction or exemption of scenic spots tickets, and issuance of shopping coupons.

  In Guangdong, the province of Employer Industry, the human resources and social departments at all levels issued a "letter to migrant workers" early, suggesting that everyone "don't go home during the holidays, but take home safely."

Trade unions at all levels plan to invest at least 26 million yuan to present more than 180,000 copies of condolences to the workers who stayed behind or online shopping coupons for the New Year.

  In addition to providing 300 yuan subsidies per person for migrant workers in Guangdong, Zhaoqing will also give out consumer coupons, scenic spot A tour coupons, free movie tickets, free skills training and other "heart-warming gifts."

  Quanzhou, Fujian will give out-of-town employees a 200 yuan online red envelope per person, and a 1,000 yuan subsidy for each family of employees in need, and a maximum of 3,000 yuan for those who obtain a professional certificate during the Spring Festival.

  The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs stated that during the special action period from January 21 to the end of March, companies will be encouraged to issue "retention red envelopes" and "new year gift packages", implement policies such as unemployment insurance and stable job return, vocational training subsidies, and appropriately increase subsidies Standards, support medium- and high-risk regions and key industries, and guide companies to lay off fewer employees.

  According to the special action arrangements, various localities will also organize various forms of "warmth-sending" and collective New Year activities, and the continuous supply of services such as catering, supermarkets, medical and health, public security and fire protection, so that migrant workers can stay in their jobs and spend the Spring Festival with peace of mind.

Sending red envelopes, recharging traffic, and sending live fish companies are also fighting for "retaining people"!

  "Are you forced to marry? Are you on a blind date? Why is it so good that you can only stay behind." "The company's benefits are so good. You should stay behind as early as possible during the New Year. You can try to stay behind and work overtime. An additional two thousand four hundred." Popular online.

In order to encourage employees to "Celebrate the New Year on the spot", major companies have done their best.

  “We have prepared supermarket shopping cards for all employees, and will distribute Chinese New Year red envelopes and start-up red envelopes before and after the holiday. On the second day of the New Year, we will also give out New Year’s goods to employees who have left for the New Year.” Vice President of Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group Management Department Manager Liu Donggen told reporters.

  "At present, more than 1,200 non-local employees have confirmed to stay for the Chinese New Year, and the number is still increasing. It is expected that the company's expenditure during the Spring Festival this year may increase by 30%. However, retaining employees for the New Year is for better production and increased employee stability. Sex, we think the money is worth spending.” Liu Donggen said.

  "It is easier to persuade domestic workers to stay in Shanghai during the Spring Festival this year than in previous years. The company will reward all left-behind employees with 200 yuan, and the highest reward for more work is 1,000 yuan." said Li Na, chairman of Shanghai Jiashijia Family Service Company.

According to the reporter's understanding, some housekeeping companies encourage employees to return home during the May 1st holiday and reimburse the return ticket at that time.

  "Celebrating the New Year on the spot, not just celebrating the New Year." At more than 12,000 construction sites in China, China Construction Group has frequently used "fresh moves" to encourage and guide migrant workers to stick to the local New Year.

The Tianjin Metro Line 7 project department handled refunds for the remaining workers collectively, provided rechargeable phone bills and traffic services, and purchased rice noodle oil, dried fruits and other new year goods; Wuhan Beichen Jingkaiyou + project department caught more than a thousand catties of fish stocked for half a year , Issued to local employees and 106 migrant workers.

  Yang Jianhua, president of the Zhejiang Provincial Sociological Association, said that the "difficulties in recruiting workers" after the Spring Festival is also a major problem that plagues enterprises all the year round.

In recent months, foreign trade orders in some industries have increased, and a series of measures to stabilize jobs and retain jobs can improve employee stickiness and effectively alleviate the shortage of labor after the holiday.

Overtime wages, peak holidays, flexible adjustments, and implementation of treatment guarantees can best keep people stable

  Leaving for the New Year may increase the burden on the company, will you find a reason to be dismissed?

Stick to the post during the Spring Festival, how to calculate the overtime pay?

  In response to these focal issues, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security recently issued a document in conjunction with multiple departments to clarify that during the New Year’s stay in Beijing for migrant workers, employers shall not illegally terminate or terminate labor contracts; at the same time, they require legal protection on February 12th, 13th, and 14th. Those who work overtime on statutory holidays will be paid three times their wages. If the workers are arranged to work on four rest days on the 11th, 15th, 16th, and 17th and cannot be compensated, they shall pay no less than 200% of the overtime wage.

  “During the special action period, we will promote the implementation of wages, vacations and other benefits in various regions, and guide enterprises to arrange production, shift peak vacations and rest, and stay on duty and pay.” The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said.

  Family love is hard to give up. The Spring Festival is a ceremony and a complex.

  "I have been working in Dalian for 13 years, and my hometown is Suihua, Heilongjiang. If you can't go home this year, parents should take care of your health."

  "It's okay to celebrate the New Year in situ. I just hope that companies and factories can solve the food and accommodation problems of the workers, so that we can go back to the hometown for a rotation after a few years. We also go back once a year. The elderly and children in the family have not seen them for a long time."

  "Construction sites are suspended, restaurants and restaurants are closed, and work sheds are cold. Can these be coordinated and resolved to provide a warmer harbor for wandering wanderers outside."

  "For the first time in 28 years, I have to spend the Chinese New Year alone. The feeling may be very different. Staying is to make a contribution. I hope that there will be the best plan for epidemic prevention and reunion."

  The comments made by netizens contained support for local initiatives and also revealed many expectations.

  In this regard, the seven departments emphasized in the notice to encourage qualified places to provide appropriate support to key enterprises that continue to produce during the Spring Festival; promptly implement unemployment insurance benefits and temporary living allowances for qualified personnel to avoid difficulties for people who are unable to seek help.

  In addition to ensuring the new year on the spot, some regions are also making detailed measures and plans to help special groups such as left-behind children and empty-nest elders spend a good year at ease and comfort, so that migrant workers can reduce their worries.

(Reporters involved: Lin Guangyao, Wu Shuaishuai)