I ate a lot of home food due to Corona, but the price of the table has risen a lot lately.

I am very worried about the Lunar New Year coming next month, but the government has decided to loosen the budget in order to lower the price of food materials.

Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam on the report.


Many consumers are worried about shopping as the price of the table has soared since the beginning of the year.

[Kim Young/Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu: The chives here have risen too much.

I'm just going to buy a small one that I've trimmed and take it with me.]

[Young-soon Park/Siheung-si, Gyeonggi:


buy one thing to buy two, and I keep thinking about what to buy one.

If it was about 20,000 won, I took this heavy, but now I take 10,000 won too lightly...

.] The

price of an egg rose by 17% in a month, exceeding 6,500 won, and the price of radish rose by 50%, approaching 16,000 won.

As the unstable living prices continued ahead of New Year's Day, the government started the agricultural and livestock product discount event two weeks earlier.

Starting from the 15th, it cuts 20% of eggs and radishes, which have recently risen in prices, and Chinese cabbages, which have decreased consumption, mainly in hypermarkets and online shopping malls.

It is a method that the government pays the mart as much as the discount amount.

When using the online shopping mall with a maximum limit of 10,000 won per person per day, you can receive a pre-discount coupon and apply it when making payment.

However, due to the poor harvest due to the cold wave, prices for vegetables such as onions, green onions, and garlic are marching high, and meat prices such as chicken, pigs, and beef have risen significantly due to increased demand due to the livestock epidemic.

There are many prospects that the government's temporary support measures alone are insufficient to stabilize food prices.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, Video editing: Yumira)