At a cost of 140 million dirhams ... for a period of 11 months despite "Corona"

80% of the infrastructure of the commercial zone in "Dubai Maritime" is completed.

  • The accelerated infrastructure development will make Dubai Maritime City a major provider of shipping services.

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  • Muhammad al-Muallem: “We continue to develop and develop to achieve qualitative achievements that contribute to strengthening the maritime sector in the country.”


Dubai Maritime City, a subsidiary of Dubai World Ports, announced that the infrastructure works for the first phase of its mixed-use commercial area are nearing completion. About 80% of the roads and infrastructure works for the first phase, which cost 140 million dirhams, have been completed, overcoming obstacles that are not The precedent which it faced as a result of the "Covid-19" pandemic.

Prime provider

The accelerated infrastructure development will contribute to making Dubai Maritime City a major provider of shipping services, especially by enabling the project owners to abide by delivery dates, despite the major challenges posed by the Corona pandemic.

It is expected that the remaining part of the project will be completed according to the specified schedule, as the implementation of the first phase lasted 11 months, recording approximately 4,830 working days, and more than 857 thousand and 164 working hours.


Mohammed Al Muallem, Executive Director and General Manager of DP World - UAE Region, said: “Despite the fluctuations and challenges caused by the pandemic, including the closure and restriction of movement, we are proud of our team's ability to overcome all these circumstances and succeed in avoiding any delay in achieving The project".

He added: “This dedication from the work team and their concerted efforts had the greatest impact in achieving this achievement,” indicating that with the completion of the infrastructure of the first phase, development efforts will continue to achieve qualitative achievements that contribute to strengthening the maritime sector in the country.

Chief developer

Al-Muallem emphasized that «Dubai Maritime City, since its establishment, has committed itself to its role as a major developer in providing modern and advanced facilities and services, which contribute to enabling all sub-developers to achieve their goals, especially since this is the essence of our mission, and we are confident in our ability to achieve it.

He explained that more than 90% of all underground utilities works have been completed so far, which include extending the sewage network, water distribution network, fire fighting water network, irrigation and communication networks, while a number of other works such as civil and construction work have been carried out. For storm water drainage, sewage, sewage, irrigation and fire stations, which will ensure completion of the development work for Dubai Maritime City which is about to be completed.


The teacher indicated that according to the schedule, the construction of compressed pipelines for drip irrigation by 95%, which is six kilometers in length, has been completed, a sewage network of six kilometers long and a rainwater drainage network of four kilometers have been completed, while works have been completed. Roads, which are 3.5 kilometers long out of seven kilometers, in addition to the completion of 50% of the construction of the sewage plant, with a flow of 300 liters per second and a tank capacity of 360 cubic meters.

In addition, he added, a rain drainage plant was built with a flow rate of 420 liters per second, and tanks with a capacity of 230 cubic meters.

Strengthening the marine sector

Dubai Maritime City, as a specialized and integrated development project, aims to achieve significant economic growth and accelerate development in the emirate, in addition to strengthening the country's prestigious position internationally by establishing an effective and sustainable infrastructure, as the project will work to strengthen the maritime sector and support a modern and advanced business community .

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