In view of the acute shortage of vaccines in Germany and other countries in the fight against the pandemic, the Bayer Group has signaled further support.

"We are ready to pull out all the stops for this," said Bayer CEO Werner Baumann in an interview with WELT AM SONNTAG.

“It's not primarily about financial considerations, but about making the vaccine available as quickly as possible.” At the beginning of January, Bayer announced a joint sales and development alliance with the Tübingen-based vaccine manufacturer Curevac.

An expansion of the cooperation to include vaccine production will be "intensively examined", said Baumann.

“With our production network in Germany and the USA and the appropriate lead time, we would basically be able to produce vaccine in larger quantities.

We are currently testing this under high pressure. "


In order for Germany to make progress in vaccine production, regulatory support is also necessary, Baumann continued.

"We are discussing with Curevac and also with politicians and the authorities what can be done."

Baumann was irritated by the political debate that had flared up in Germany because of the delayed start of vaccination.

"The federal government has done a lot right, but you don't do everything right in times of crisis."

The country will catch up with speed in vaccination: "The coalition partners should have better things to do than to campaign with such an important issue."


When asked about a possible mandatory vaccination in Germany, which is also being discussed, Baumann said: “I will definitely get vaccinated.

The benefits are obvious, both for society and for everyone personally.

I hope that this knowledge will prevail. "

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