The results of the verification by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Celltrion's Corona 19 antibody treatment'Rekironaju' will be released tomorrow (18th).

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is holding a meeting of the Covid-19 treatment and vaccine safety and effectiveness verification advisory group today to verify the results of clinical trials in Rekkirona.

At the advisory group meeting, we will discuss whether the results of Celltrion's clinical trials can recognize the therapeutic effect of Rekirona.

Celltrion explained that, as a result of previous administration of Rekirona, the recovery period was reduced by more than 3 days and the incidence of severe patients was reduced by 54% in mild and moderate Corona19 patients.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has established an expert verification team to review the approval of treatments in the order of verification advisory group, central pharmacist review committee, and final inspection committee.

(Photo = Yonhap News)