According to the German MP, the "megalockdown" in Germany could negatively affect the leading economies of Europe, including Russia.

The Megalockdown will affect not only the construction of Nord Stream 2, it will also affect the Russian economy.

We are all in the same economic space, regardless of what borders, sanctions and so on are invented there.

If the economy of the EU, including Germany, falls to its knees, all the economies located nearby, all the cooperating countries will be drawn into this funnel, ”he was quoted by the TV channel“ 360 ”.

Gerdt explained that in the event of such a blow to the economies of Germany and the EU, there will be no high demand for fuel and there will be no need to urgently complete the project.

At the same time, he expressed confidence that Nord Stream 2 would still be completed.

Earlier, the Federal Office of Maritime Shipping and Hydrography of Germany extended the permission of Nord Stream 2 to lay the Nord Stream 2.