client, Beijing, January 16th (Zhang Xu) In 2020, "Fly with Your Heart" products have become a bright spot in the aviation and tourism industries, arousing attention and panic buying, and a lot of controversy.

China Eastern Airlines, the pioneer of "Flying with Heart", wrote in its annual summary: "Congratulations to the first flying friend of Flying with Heart. Happy graduation."

  What is the experience of the first batch of "Flying with Heart" users, will they buy the new version of "Flying with Heart"?

Can users who want to buy cheaper "fly as they wish" can wait for the expected discount?

Fly 21 times and save 11590 yuan

  Zhao Jiaqi, who graduated from postgraduate last year, showed his results to reporters: "My travel mode is to go out once every two weeks, so I can take a break. The 2020 version of "Fly with Heart" flew a total of 21 times. The APP shows that I have saved 11590 yuan, it has already paid back."

APP shows that Zhao Jiaqi will fly 21 times in 2020, saving 11590 yuan.

Photo courtesy of respondents

  Zhao Jiaqi will show up at the airport early on Saturday morning to catch a plane at 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning to travel to the destination city for two days and one night, and fly back to Guangzhou on Sunday afternoon.

  Although time is tight, the biggest significance of traveling is to be able to see a bigger world with my girlfriend.

"She and I each bought a "Flying with Heart". A few weeks ago, she was in Beijing and I was in Guangzhou. I would fly to Beijing to find her on the weekend. She came to Guangzhou in mid-September and we started planning a trip together. The comparison of current trips Many places include Shanghai, Chengdu, Kunming, etc." In the circle of friends, whenever Zhao Jiaqi goes to a place, he will post a photo with his girlfriend. The two people stop and go together, and he feels very sweet.

  There are many such long-distance love stories among users of "Flying with Heart".

For example, Qian Beibei, who works with her husband in a different place, said: "With "Flying as You Like", my husband and I have changed from seeing twice a year to seeing each other every weekend. If we can be a mother this year, the baby's child The name is Hang Hang."

Passengers scan the code with the help of the staff to check in.

Photo by Yin Liqin

  The current 2021 version of "Fly with Heart" will be used until the end of June 2021.

Qian Beibei purchased the 2021 version of the airline's "Fly with Heart" product and plans to continue flying.

But Zhao Jiaqi was still on the sidelines and didn't start immediately.

  "I have learned about the 2021 version of'Flying as you wish', and it feels not very worthwhile. Because the Spring Festival travel season is excluded, there are about one month that cannot be redeemed for air tickets. Basically, it will start from March. My girlfriend and I plan to buy it for the second half of the year. Yes, but I don’t know if there will be such a discount at that time." Zhao Jiaqi said.

"I went to a lot of places I didn't intend to go"

  As a travel enthusiast, Xu Jingjing chose China Southern Airlines "Happy Flight".

Speaking of the past six months of experience, Xu Jingjing’s biggest feeling is: “It’s not a problem to return to the original cost, and if you didn’t buy Happy Flying, many places might not go there in the short term. It works."

Xu Jingjing is skiing in the snow field.

Photo courtesy of respondents

  "In the beginning, I bought Eastern Airlines' "Fly with Heart", but I can only fly on weekends. I can only stay for a day and a half when I have a full budget. It is more restrictive for me." Xu Jingjing said, "And "Happy Flying" is even better than before. Buying a ticket is also convenient. It is refunded in seconds and there is no handling fee. This allows you to take advantage of the more difficult tickets. If you do not travel, you can refund the ticket. If you buy your own tickets, you generally don't dare to do this."

  However, "Happy Flying" has its own limitations.

"You can only book up to 3 untraveled air tickets. You must book four days in advance and refund four days in advance. You must grab tickets in advance for popular routes. You need to plan your route in advance." Xu Jingjing said.

  Xu Jingjing's most recent flight was to Harbin for skiing.

"When there was no'Happy Flying' before, I usually stayed at the ski resort in Chongli in winter. I have to say that the experience of the city of ice and snow is much better, and the skiing atmosphere there is stronger."

Will the new "Flying with Heart" old users still buy it?

  According to the data released by China Eastern Airlines on December 31, 2020, about 10% of the users of the 2020 version of Xpressfly have purchased the 2021 version of Xpressfly. China Eastern Airlines said that these users have “guaranteeed the research”.

What do they think of users who do not have "guarantee research"?

The year-end summary of China Eastern Airlines shows that 10% of the repurchases of the 2021 version of "Fly As You Like".

  Last year, she only flew to four cities. Ms. Shen, who was barely able to make a profit, said that the main reason for not buying this year was because there was no time.

"Internet companies are relatively busy, and I have to work more overtime after changing jobs this year. Before, a friend asked me to get cervical cancer vaccine. I didn’t have time, let alone going out on weekends. Now I just want to lie down on weekends, like last year, every time I stayed up all night, I really can't do it."

  Ma Siyu, who has flown 14 times, did not buy "Flying as You Like" this year. "One is tired, and the other is not harvesting too much. Every time I go out, I have to get up at 6 o'clock and get home at 11 or 12 o'clock on Sunday evening. But this is also true. I can stay for a day and a half. I don’t get much from watching the flowers. I’ll take it slowly at my own pace in the future."

  According to Xu Jingjing, a colleague of her bought "Fly with Heart", but there were no holidays, and the colleagues themselves were not very enthusiastic about traveling, and the impact of the epidemic was not daring to move, "his free flight was at a loss."

  “This colleague doesn’t have time to go out, and it’s estimated that he won’t buy it again. Someone in the travel group I was in did not go to take the scheduled flight because of the time change. The relevant terms were triggered and the'fly as you wish' was directly invalidated. I myself did not buy the 2021 Fly as you wish, one is because I have to work hard in the first half of the year, and the second is that the epidemic has repeated, and the third is that my demand is mainly to go skiing. The first half of the year will be exchanged after February, and the snow season is over." Xu Jingjing said.

In the second half of the year, will there be any "flying






  Civil aviation expert Qi Qi has a positive attitude towards the meaning of "fly as you wish" products.

"'Fly with heart' is an extraordinary move in the event of an outbreak of the epidemic and the airline's normal cash flow of prepaid fares is broken. The essence is not air tickets, but packaged equity products. China Eastern Airlines takes the lead in launching'fly with heart' in 2020. , Other airlines followed suit to launch similar products under various product names. Users have a sense of consumption of '1 purchase, N flights', and the cash flow that airlines can withdraw from circulation is a win-win situation."

  Qi Qi also pointed out that the biggest problem with the "Fly with Heart" product is that it dilutes the airline's profit margin.

"For example, on the Shanghai-Lhasa route of Eastern Airlines, a ticket is hard to find. Most of the products are exchanged and sold, which reduces the profitability of the airline. Therefore, airlines should further optimize the terms of use of their products, and understand the rules of use before promoting and marketing. No need to complain."

China Eastern Airlines' first Jinbo-themed aircraft took off from Hongqiao Airport.

Photo by Yin Liqin

  It is worth noting that in order to increase cash flow, airlines have expanded their product lines.

For example, China Eastern Airlines has launched a series of travel products such as "live as you want," "walk as you want," "eat as you want," and "buy as you want," on the basis of "fly as you like".

On the basis of "Happy Flight", China Southern Airlines also launched packages including "Happy Trip" and "Happy Stay".

  In addition to designing different products for time and space, the "Flying Free" products also target different groups.

Both Spring Airlines and Juneyao Airlines have launched the "Children Free Flying Card", hoping to attract more families with parents and children to travel together.

Air China launched the "Youth Rights Card 2.0" to serve young people with strong spending power.

  At present, the use period of the new "Flying with Heart" products of the airline is the first half of the year. With many preferential benefits, many users are concerned about: Will there be any "Flying with Heart" products in the second half of the year?

  Qi Qi believes that "the logic behind the establishment of the'XiXinFly' product is that airlines must have low-cost seat supply, so that related equity products may benefit from financial statements. Under the epidemic, the'five-one policy' has been implemented. The grounding of wide-body passenger planes has provided sufficient capacity for the airlines. International flights will not resume for a day, and there is room for the launch of the "Fly with Heart" product." (End)