The Government will present 170 reforms in 30 chapters to the European Union in exchange for European funds, according to the leaders of CCOO and UGT after a meeting with various ministers headed by Vice President

Nadia Calviño



Unai Sordo

, from CCOO, and

Pepe Álvarez

, have expressed fear that the Executive will go too far in the pension and labor reforms to calm the European Commission and demand that their hands not be tied so much.

"CCOO is not going to accompany any negotiation process that does not have margins. The commitments with the European Commission cannot be so exhaustive as to leave the social dialogue tables without oxygen. If there is no margin, that they do not count on us," he said. affirmed Deaf.

For his part, the leader of UGT,

Pepe Álvarez has agreed with Sordo in demanding "prudence" from the Government in the commitments it assumes.

Álvarez has criticized that the government has not provided them with the documents detailing the 170 reforms and has asked that they be delivered in writing.

"We have to work on the basis of documents," he stressed in response to Calviño's request that the unions make contributions.

Both have understood Calviño that of the 30 major reform chapters they have already sent 28 to Brussels for assessment, but that he has not yet done so in the two most sensitive: the labor reform and the pension system.

According to the unions, the ministers have not been explicit about both, but they have assured that they do not see the repeal of the labor reform and avoiding cuts in pensions incompatible with the public recommendations of the European Commission to Spain.

For his part, the president of Cepyme,

Gerardo Cuerva

, thanked the Government for explaining the reforms and investments they are working on.

He has also asked for "prudence", but in the sense that he forgets dogmas and promotes the reforms that Spain needs "realistically" taking into account "the competitiveness of the Spanish economy" and "the current delicate moment".

While Sordo and Álvarez have insisted that it is necessary to "repeal the most damaging aspects of Rajoy's labor reform, which are practically all of them", the president of Cepyme, has been against introducing new rigidities in the employment market.

Cuerva has affirmed that the Government has also asked them for "collaboration" and has defined the role of the employer as a "pactista".

But it has not committed to agreements in the reforms and not even in the ongoing negotiation to extend the ERTE until May 31.

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