It has 49,000 visitors and plans to expand to include camping and marine sports

Small enterprises .. "Marine Hub" is an electronic platform that includes 16.5 thousand fishing equipment products

  • Abdullah Al Mazrouei: "Choosing the right partners and the work team is one of the most important reasons for the success of any project."

  • Marine Hub brings together more than 20 stores in the various emirates of the country.



Entrepreneurs, Abdullah Al Mazrouei and Abdul Rahman Al Mazrouei, were able to develop the first electronic platform of its kind in the country and the region, for fishing equipment and tools, and everything related to the sea under the name "Marine Hub", after they were able to overcome many of the challenges they faced, and the platform includes more than 16,560 products and 169 brands.

He advised the entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurs in the country, to search for innovative ideas and to be risky and daring, and not to give in to feelings of fear or frustration, while studying the idea in a correct and integrated way to turn it into a successful project.

In detail, the entrepreneur, Abdullah Al Mazrouei, and his partner Abdul Rahman Al Mazrouei, since 2018, started thinking about setting up an innovative project, which is an electronic platform that brings together various tools and equipment for fishing and everything related to the sea in one place.

Fishing enthusiasts can order it online and deliver it to them easily and conveniently, after they found that many fishing enthusiasts find it very difficult to find the hunting equipment and supplies they need to practice this hobby.

Abdullah Al Mazrouei said that they were able to establish the first platform of its kind in the country and the region, under the name "Marine Hub", which provides more than 16 thousand and 560 products and 169 brands, and gathers more than 20 stores in various emirates of the country, including various fishing and diving equipment and tools. Such as fishing clothes, machines, fishing nets, food storage refrigerators and baits, as well as hobbyists and practitioners in the sea boats in one place.

Al-Mazrouei indicated that he contacted the Khalifa Fund for Project Development at the end of 2018 to obtain a loan to finance the project, and found great support from it, which enabled him to actually start the project at the end of 2019. He pointed out that they faced many challenges, most notably the project financing. The Khalifa Fund provided the financing after it was convinced of the idea and the feasibility study of the project, and also faced challenges related to building the platform itself, as they decided to completely rebuild the platform again after months in building it in order to develop it and facilitate its operations for users, pointing to other challenges, most notably access to The main fishing equipment stores in the country and obtain their approval to participate in the platform and carry out the necessary marketing operations for buyers.

Al Mazrouei noted that the project has achieved success during the last period and was able to achieve good sales, despite the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, which has led to many difficulties for many small and medium enterprises worldwide.

He pointed out that the platform has been developed to transform from just a local platform to a regional platform, as exports are currently being made to Gulf countries, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman, due to the high demand for fishing products in the Gulf.

Al-Mazrouei considered that one of the most important reasons for the success of any project is the proper selection of partners and the selection of a work team that is characterized by efficiency and responsibility, with the distribution of tasks and responsibilities in a manner appropriate to the skills in the team.

Al-Mazrouei advised entrepreneurs to search for innovative ideas, not focus on traditional and repetitive ideas, and show a spirit of risk and daring, and not give in to feelings of fear or frustration, as long as the idea is studied in a correct and integrated manner.

For his part, Abdul Rahman Al Mazrouei said that the platform will expand this month to become an international platform for export to countries around the world, led by the United States, China, the Maldives, Egypt and others.

He added that there is an ambitious plan that has been implemented to expand the platform to include camping equipment, marine sports equipment in general, and cycling, with the organization of "charter" diving trips, indicating that the implementation of the plan will be completed before the end of this year.

He noted that 45% of the platform's customers are permanent customers, and the site has achieved continuous growth in the number of visitors by more than 80%, as there are currently more than 49,000 visitors to the platform, and it is expected that visitors will increase significantly after its transformation into a global platform.

The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development provided the necessary financing to start the project, and it was actually launched at the end of 2019.

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