HEMA has immediately canceled all current orders from its suppliers until mid-April.

The company loses about 10 million euros a week due to the lockdown measures and no longer has room to store the new stocks,



on the basis of a letter from the management.

These are orders placed with HEMA's main suppliers in Asia.

According to the company, the suspension is necessary to ensure a "stable and solid" relationship with suppliers even after the corona crisis.

Commercial director Trevor Perren writes in the letter that working from home has reduced the capacity for processing invoices, and there is also no space to store the new stocks.

The financial situation of HEMA is not given as a reason.

A spokesperson reports to


that the company - despite the weekly loss of 10 million euros - will not fall quickly.

"But we do think about the question: how? The stocks of December, our busiest month, are largely still there. And having new stocks delivered that will not reach the customer is not good entrepreneurship."

HEMA has been struggling with a heavy debt burden for years.

Last year, the company was taken over by a group of creditors from then owner Marcel Boekhoorn.

This significantly reduced the company's indebtedness.

In December, the retail chain was sold to the owners of Jumbo, the Van Eerd family, and investment company Parcom.