Which messaging app is more secure?

Kaspersky confirmed that most of the messaging applications currently available are considered relatively safe because they use encryption when sending messages. These applications are truly reliable on the iOS operating system, thanks to the use of encryption.

The company stated in a statement that, however, it is worth noting that the user may face an attack on his device, and for this reason, the situation differs slightly on the "Android" system, due to the presence of the "Accessibility Service" integrated in the system, indicating that the attackers exploited the capabilities of this The service for collecting user data.

Last year, Kaspersky stated that it had found a stalking application that could receive texts of incoming and outgoing messages from instant messaging programs using this standard function in the system.

 Kaspersky recommends that smartphone users adhere to the following rules to protect their data:

Avoid downloading messaging applications and applications in general from sources of third parties, and make sure to download them from the official application markets.

- Be sure to read the user agreement as much as possible, as there are cases in which the application developer explicitly warns that it may share user data with third parties.

Do not track suspicious links in messages, even if they are from known people.

- Take care to use security solutions on the mobile phone.

Pay attention to the permissions granted to the apps being downloaded, if the required permission is not necessary for the full operation of the app, then caution should be exercised.

For example, it goes without saying that the Flashlight app does not require access to a microphone.

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