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The toy sector in France only experienced a 1.5% drop in turnover in 2020, which stood at 3 billion euros, reports

Les Échos

according to a panel produced by The NPD Group.

This data is rather well received by professionals in the sector which has undergone twelve weeks of closure because of periods of confinement.

November had, however, been particularly difficult for the market.

"It marked a net loss of 257 million euros on the turnover in stores, which was impossible to compensate", explains an expert of the American company at the origin of this market study, of which the comments are relayed by the specialized daily.

Internet sales jump

The average price of toys has therefore increased on average by 7% during this context of health crisis.

If supermarkets have seen their sales in this area fall by a total of 8%, those on the Internet have however climbed by 27% in the space of nine months, which represents an economic leap.

In detail, the products that were purchased the most last year were puzzles and board games, with an increase of 10%.

In 2021, the entire sector hopes to rebound from the second quarter only, in anticipation of a possible period of reconfinement to come.


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