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high-voltage current that KEPCO emits is supplied to the home through a transformer.

The core component of this transformer is called a'bushing', and quality control is important as it can cause a large fire if it is wrong.

However, KEPCO, which had been setting strict standards, suddenly changed its guidelines last year to receive supplies of imported parts.

Domestic manufacturers are protesting.

Reporter Han Sang-woo covered the report.

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4,700 households in Haeundae, Busan, have lost electricity.

The transformer exploded due to a problem with the'bushing', a component that blocks high voltage current.

Due to the risk of such a major accident, KEPCO has managed the bushing as a key component.

We can only deliver if drawing approval and passing tests, and we also verify the company's facility size and production capacity.

Imported products could not be delivered at all because the domestic production facilities were inspected.

[Company officials: This is a (bushing) product developed by investing money with KEPCO.

When we invested and supplied this, we had a sense of responsibility.] In

2019, a domestic company tricked and delivered a Chinese-made insulator for a power pole domestically, and the owner was sentenced to imprisonment.

But last year, KEPCO suddenly eased its guidelines.

The importer also made it possible to supply the bushings.

[Company officials: Can I buy and sell anywhere regardless of whether it is in the US, China, or France?

Isn't that right?]

KEPCO did not give a clear explanation on the reason for the change of the standard, and put forward that the transformer manufacturer should take responsibility if a problem occurs with the transformer.

As Chinese-made products began to be supplied from the end of last year, pressure is already being placed on domestic bushing companies to lower prices.

Manufacturer representative: I went down price approximately 15% from last year, You will find that any more (price) when the shop down the company to keep the principles are more difficult to survive Structure

quality in the same way as domestic to allow the Chinese bushings Delivery It is pointed out that there should be a procedure in place that mandates verification.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, Video editing: So Ji-hye)