ITOCHU, a major trading company, has announced the appointment of managing director Keita Ishii as the new president.

Keita Ishii, who will be appointed as the new president as of April, is 60 years old.

He joined ITOCHU Corporation in 1983 and is mainly in charge of the energy and chemicals departments, and has been managing director since April last year.

At a press conference held online on the 13th, Mr. Ishii said, "We believe that if we do not overcome the changes in lifestyle caused by the spread of the new coronavirus, we will not have the next era. I would like to grasp the values ​​in the field of business and manage the business so that it will lead to 10 to 20 years from now. "

On the other hand, President Yoshihisa Suzuki, who has been President since 2018, will be appointed Vice Chairman, and Chairman Masahiro Okafuji, who is CEO = Chief Executive Officer, will remain.