Israel: demonstration in Jerusalem against the postponement of the trial of Benjamin Netanyahu

Demonstration in Jerusalem on January 13 against the postponement of the trial of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.


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In Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu was woken up at dawn by protesters denouncing the postponement of his corruption trial which was due to resume on Wednesday but was canceled due to general confinement.

The gathering was quickly dispersed, but the more reckless are still camping there.


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From our correspondent in Jerusalem


Sami Boukhelifa

Early this Wednesday morning, Erez immortalized on his phone, the reading by a protester, of an excerpt from the indictment of the one we nickname Bibi, Benyamin Netanyahu.

This protestor planted his aunt under the Prime Minister's windows.

He intends to stay there until his resignation.

Bibi is a dangerous leader.

He is ready to do anything to escape his trial ... even if it means transforming our country into a dictatorship.

He's like US President Donald Trump, he's crazy and he can be harmful.

Enough is enough, he must go!


Like Erez, Dana eagerly awaited the resumption of the corruption trial of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Unimaginable for her not to speak out this morning in front of the Prime Minister's residence: “

What is happening at the moment is disastrous.

Benyamin Netanyahu has imposed general lockdown to escape his trial.

But I do hope that he will be judged and that justice will be done


Benyamin Netanyahu has indeed used all his weight in recent weeks to impose general containment.

It is true that the country is experiencing a real outbreak of coronavirus contamination.

His trial is due to resume on February 8.

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