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For car manufacturers, the future is no longer seen only on the roads but also in the sky.

General Motors (GM) joined the race for flying cars on Tuesday by unveiling the contours of an autonomous and electric air taxi at CES in Las Vegas, the great meeting place for electronics and consumer technologies.

The group gave few details on this initiative, presenting only in a video a virtual prototype of the device which would depend on the high-end brand Cadillac.

This year at # CES2021 @GM surprises everyone with a Cadillac air taxi.

In other words.


That's a flying car.

- CNET (@CNET) January 12, 2021

The vehicle could carry a passenger and could take off and land vertically.

It is a priori not equipped with levers or steering wheel.

Powered by eight rotors powered by GM's Ultium battery, it could travel from one building roof to another at speeds of 90 kilometers per hour.

Several aerospace companies and start-ups have presented similar vehicles in recent years without however announcing specific plans for their immediate commercialization.

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