Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister responsible for Housing, in Dijon on December 4, 2020. -

JC Tardivon / SIPA

The government wants to gradually put an end to “energy strainers”.

Homes whose energy consumption exceeds 450 kWh per square meter and per year, i.e. those classified G, the worst category, can no longer be offered for rent from 2023,

the Minister for Housing



on Wednesday.

A decree to this effect should appear on Wednesday, the newspaper said.

"We are going to control the announcements of real estate agencies which will not be able to offer the rental of such thermal strainers", Emmanuelle Wargon told the daily.

"Start slowly"

Only 90,000 homes, or 4% of "thermal strainers", including 70,000 private homes, are affected by this deadline, while the bill resulting from the Citizen's Climate Convention provides for the end of the rental of 4.8 million energy-guzzling homes by 2028. “We are assuming to start slowly with a fairly low threshold to tackle the worst thermal strainers as a priority and leave a little visibility to other owners.

The goal is to gain momentum thereafter, ”explained Emmanuelle Wargon.

With 18% of emissions in 2017 (28% by adding the production of heat and electricity) in France, the building is one of the four major sectors emitting greenhouse gases, along with transport, agriculture and industry.


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