While the focus is on the reorganization of regional banks nationwide, it has become clear that "Fukui Bank" has acquired a majority stake in the same regional bank "Fukuho Bank" in Fukui Prefecture and has decided to make it a subsidiary. It was.

The business environment is becoming harsher due to ultra-low interest rates and the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and we aim to increase profitability and survive by integrating management.

According to the people concerned, "Fukui Bank" has decided to acquire a majority stake in "Fukui Bank" in the same Fukui prefecture and aim to make it a subsidiary.

The policy is to announce it after making a decision at the board of directors meeting on the 14th, and will maintain the two brands of Fukui Bank and Fukuho Bank even after making it a subsidiary.

Fukui Bank was established in 1902, and as of the end of September last year, the deposit balance was 2,717.9 billion yen and the loan balance was 1,785.1 billion yen.

On the other hand, Fukuho Bank has a deposit balance of 438.7 billion yen and a loan balance of 317 billion yen.In March last year, the two banks entered into a comprehensive business alliance to consolidate stores and consider a capital alliance. I've been trying to do it.

This time, Fukui Bank decided to make Fukuho Bank a subsidiary by integrating management and further rationalizing the system to increase profitability amid the impact on management due to ultra-low interest rates and the spread of infection with the new coronavirus. The aim is to improve and survive.

As the business environment of regional banks that support the regional economy is becoming more severe, the government and the Bank of Japan have launched a series of unusual measures to support business integration and other financial aspects, and the reorganization of other regional banks will take place in the future. The focus will be on how it spreads to.