“What is actually your role in the energy transition?” There are some questions that cannot simply be answered with an answer.

Friedrich Pehle did it when he was asked by a young equity analyst what contribution his company was making to the bigger picture.

Pehle, CFO of the company 2G in Heek, North Rhine-Westphalia, did not have to ask this question in the past: business went like this.

The two "Gs", the company founders Ludger Gausling and Christian Grotholt, had been selling small block-type thermal power stations to farmers since the mid-1990s, using them to supply their stables with electricity and heat.

With the IPO came the strange questions from analysts: What is your role in the energy transition?

Pehle, a numbers person, approached the answer systematically.

First of all, it was necessary to find out what the bigger picture is.

Pehle obtained high-resolution energy market data from service providers, compared studies and historical weather data.

And wondered.