China News Service, Beijing, January 13 (Reporter Du Yan) In order to actively provide service guarantees for migrant workers in Beijing during the Chinese New Year, and further stabilize labor relations, today, the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau stated that the bureau will work with the city general manager The Trade Union, the Municipal Enterprise Federation/Entrepreneur Association, and the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce jointly issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Stabilizing Labor Relations During the New Year’s Period for Migrant Workers in Beijing", focusing on retaining people with heart, using posts, retaining people with salary, Use the four aspects of keeping people with love to clarify relevant requirements and measures, so that the majority of migrant workers will have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival in Beijing.

Retain people carefully and carry out health education for employers and employees

  The "Notice" requires that the three parties to coordinate labor relations at all levels actively take advantage of the close contact with employers and employees, use media, websites, and WeChat platforms to vigorously carry out health promotion work for migrant workers, and encourage migrant workers to stay in work. New Year.

At the same time, it is necessary to enhance the awareness of epidemic prevention and control of migrant workers, and guide them to develop good habits such as insisting on wearing masks, washing hands frequently, often ventilating, not getting together, not gathering, and maintaining social distance.

  The "Notice" clarified that all employers must take care of the lives of migrant workers and ensure their living conditions to make people feel at ease; from the perspective of epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement relevant epidemic prevention requirements to make people feel at ease; From the perspective of stabilizing production and employment, the legal rights and interests of employees are implemented in accordance with the law, so that people are satisfied.

Employing posts to retain people, providing various forms of employment stabilization

  The "Notice" clearly stated that Beijing should play the role of employment service instructors, employment service commissioners and corporate liaison officers to understand the basic situation of migrant workers in Beijing during the New Year.

  Carry out "Spring Breeze Action" to provide job recommendation services for migrant workers with work intentions.

Give full play to the role of the "shared employment" platform, guide surplus and shortage adjustments, and help companies with greater short-term labor demand during the holiday season to connect companies with early holidays and large surplus employees in advance to promote labor balance among companies.

  Instruct employers to stabilize the labor relations of migrant workers during the festival in Beijing, regulate employment behavior, and must not terminate or terminate labor contracts illegally.

Guide employers to negotiate wages and flexible employment methods during the Spring Festival with migrant workers through trade unions to stabilize employment.

  Supervise employers to secure the bottom line of occupational safety during the holiday season, do a good job in the management of epidemic prevention and control, and labor safety protection, implement the main responsibilities of employees, and effectively eliminate all kinds of occupational injuries caused by overtime production during the Spring Festival.

Retain people with salaries to guarantee the wages and benefits of migrant workers

  The "Notice" clearly stated that Beijing will guide employers to properly arrange work and rest time for workers including migrant workers through collective consultation and other methods, and pay wages in full according to law.

  Encourage employers with large orders, heavy production tasks, and uninterrupted work, on the premise of resolutely maintaining the bottom line of occupational safety, negotiate and formulate employees' Spring Festival holiday, flexible vacation, salary standards and other plans to implement the legitimate rights and interests of employees.

  Vigorously promote the special winter campaign to eradicate underpaid wages, unblock complaint and reporting channels, strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers and the handling of underpaid cases, and ensure that the problem of underpaid wages is "cleared to zero" before the Spring Festival.

Retain people with love, organize humanistic care and support and condolences for migrant workers

  The "Notice" requires trade unions at all levels to organize various forms of "sending warmth" activities to show condolences to migrant workers who stick to their posts, care for migrant workers who stay behind during the holidays, do a good job in helping and assisting workers in need, and encourage employers and trade unions to surround themselves The traditional customs of the Spring Festival and the actual needs of the workers and the masses of production and life ensure that migrant workers have a delicious New Year’s Eve dinner, provide convenience for them to send a blessing to their relatives away from home, and provide suitable cultural and sports with festival characteristics. , Entertainment and leisure and other service activities, provide more convenient and thoughtful humanistic care, and use love with heart to make migrant workers staying in Beijing feel the warmth of reunion at home.

  According to the "Notice", all levels of enterprise federations and federations of industry and commerce organize guidance to encourage employers to care about migrant workers, so that migrant workers can spend a comfortable year in Beijing.