CES, the world's largest IT exhibition, is being held online due to the influence of Corona 19.

As a whole, Corona is bound to be a hot topic. In particular, technologies related to quarantine and new technologies that enable non-contact are attracting attention.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon introduces you.


People wearing helmet-shaped transparent face shields talk without masks and drink wine.

It is a device developed by a startup in Silicon Valley, and it prevents the spread of coronavirus through droplets while wearing it while the air purified by HEPA filter technology is continuously supplied.

Smart masks with air purifier filter technology also appeared.

Made of transparent material, the shape of the mouth is visible and the built-in microphone and amplifier provide clear voice communication.

[Charlie Bolton/Director of Design: I was thinking about how to improve not only safety, but also social interaction.]

It looks like no other burger kiosk, but just moving your finger in the air will press the screen.

It is a virtual touch panel without contact.

The 3D camera and artificial intelligence read even the minute movements of the user, and you can drag or write text like this.

[Kim Seok-joong/CEO of Virtual Touch Panel Startup (CES Innovation Award): Kiosk or elevator buttons in public places are used by many people, so there is a high risk of contact infection. We want to apply virtual touch technology to such places first.]

Smart toilets that can flush water without touching them, and patches that detect early symptoms of corona by measuring body temperature or breathing pattern heart rate have also appeared.

IT companies are constantly releasing new technologies to provide solutions to daily lives while preventing infection to humans who have been deprived of their ordinary lives by corona.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyunsang, video editing: Lee Hongmyeong)