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tomorrow (11th), the 3rd disaster support fund will be provided to help small businesses and the underprivileged.

Please take care of the owners of karaoke and PC cafes as well as restaurants.

Tomorrow, people with an odd number of business registration numbers can apply. 

This is Han Ji-yeon.

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3rd disaster subsidy is KRW 9.3 trillion, which is 1.5 trillion won more than the 2nd period, and 5.8 million people are eligible.

Among these, 2.8 million small business owners who were banned from gatherings or restricted business due to the government's reinforced distancing will receive KRW 4.1 trillion as a'support fund'.

After November 24 last year, 3 million won is paid to gyms that have been banned from gatherings, and 2 million won to restaurants that have been restricted.

One million won is paid to small business owners whose annual sales were less than 400 million won and their sales decreased last year from a year ago.

Based on the last digit of the business registration number, owners with odd numbers for tomorrow and even numbers for the day after tomorrow can apply. From the 13th, they can apply without distinction.

700,000 people, including special type workers and freelancers whose incomes have decreased due to the prolonged period of Corona 19, will also receive a third subsidy from tomorrow.

650,000 won for the first and second rounds will be paid 500,000 won per person without separate screening, and 1 million won for new targets after separate screening.

The government, however, said it would speed up this time, saying that 40,000 small businesses are still under review among the second disaster support applicants that started in September last year.

[Sae-gyun Jeong/Prime Minister (Last 8th): 1~2% of the 2nd disaster support fund has not yet been executed.

The first priority is the effort to properly and properly execute the 3rd disaster subsidy...


Regarding the 4th disaster subsidy for all citizens raised by some of the passports, Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki said, "If the time is too early and payment is inevitable, it is desirable to provide selective support to the victims."

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