The "Overlord" clause in the lease contract is hard to guard against, the deposit payment is easy to retreat, and the right to rent and purchase a house is different... Faced with various rental problems in big cities——

New citizens, how to solve the "housing worries" with "rent"

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  The high housing prices in big cities, coupled with the purchase restrictions in many first- and second-tier cities, make renting a house the first place for many new citizens to settle in big cities.

The 2020 Central Economic Work Conference proposed that “accelerate the improvement of long-term rental housing policies, gradually enable rent-and-purchase housing to have equal rights in enjoying public services, and standardize the development of the long-term rental housing market”.

The National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Work Conference held a few days ago also included solving the housing problem of new citizens as a key task this year.

In 2021, under the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, how to solve the housing problem of new citizens and young people is still a hot spot of people's concern.

Renting "traps" cause conflicts between supply and demand

  According to figures from the National Bureau of Statistics, the per capita housing area of ​​urban residents in my country was 39.8 square meters in 2019.

Looking at the whole country as a whole, the housing problem in my country has changed from insufficient total volume to structural contradiction between supply and demand and the problem of matching people and land.

Housing prices are high in big cities, and it is not feasible to solve the housing problem entirely by buying a house.

Therefore, rental housing is an important way to solve the current housing problem, especially for new citizens in big cities.

  According to the "2020 Blue Book of Chinese Youth Rental Life" released by an intermediary agency through market research, it is estimated that by 2022, the rental population of China's housing rental market will reach 240 million, and the overall housing rental market has huge potential for demand.

  On the one hand, more and more new citizens, mainly from agricultural migrants and newly employed college students, are entering first-tier cities, and renting has become their main choice; on the other hand, the housing market in my country is currently dominated by personal housing The monopoly phenomenon in the intermediary market is also relatively prominent, and the housing rental market is still facing irregular and immature problems.

  On May 5, 2020, the netizen "Puppupu's Little Elf" who works in Beijing rented a house through a free agent. After renting it, he found that the sound insulation of the house was poor.

"Neighbors love to party, and the upstairs is also very noisy. But the listing description says'Quiet and Elegant Environment'." "Puppupu's elf" said.

On May 7, "Puppupu's Little Elf" applied to withdraw the rent, but was told that one month's rent, namely 5090 yuan, would be deducted as liquidated damages.

"I have been using Ziru for 3 years. The previous contracts signed with Ziru were all with zero penalty for withdrawing the lease within 3 days of the start of the lease. This time they revised the contract and deleted this sentence. They did not give a verbal reminder before signing the contract. This change. I only rented it for 3 days, and I have to bear a 5,000 yuan liquidated damage." She said.

  In the view of "Puppupu's elves", the contract made by the platform itself has the "overlord clause", and the other party will not specifically remind the tenant of the relevant clause. If the tenant accidentally fails to see it, it will drop Into the "pit".

  In fact, many people have encountered various "pits" in the process of renting a house.

Some tenants were deducted by the intermediary's deposit; some encountered the abominable "partition", the intermediary built in the house at will, "two-house" changed to "four-house"; some tenants before the contract expires, I was rudely "invited" by the intermediary, and the luggage and belongings were directly moved out of the house. Some tenants even reported that they had encountered a situation where the intermediary brought people into the rented house without authorization. Thinking about it, they would feel scared... …

  During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, some tenants of long-term apartment rentals suddenly received a notice from the platform that “rents have risen in general”, stating that they could not afford it. Many tenants were bound to sign service contracts when renting through the rental platform. I am dissatisfied with the situation that I paid a lot of fees, but the service was not found.

In addition, it is not uncommon for tenants to complain about the rental of basements and other non-residential spaces by the staff of some housing leasing companies.

  "New citizens provide dividends for urban development, but the first problem they face when entering the city is housing. In the context of high housing prices, rental housing is the first place for most new citizens, and rental housing has many new and old problems. Therefore, solving the problem of rental housing has become very urgent and will be the focus of housing work in 2021.” said Ni Pengfei, director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Center for Urban and Competitiveness Research.

  The National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Work Conference proposed to strengthen the housing market system and housing security system, speed up the shortcomings of rental housing, and solve the housing problems of new citizens, young people, especially those engaged in basic public services and other housing difficulties.

Speed ​​up the construction of a housing security system with affordable rental housing and shared property housing as the main body.

Expand the supply of affordable rental housing, ensure public rental housing, and focus on the development of policy-based rental housing in large cities with net population influx.

At the same time, standardize the development of the housing leasing market, accelerate the cultivation of specialized and large-scale housing leasing companies, and establish a sound housing leasing management service platform.

Rectify the leasing market order and standardize market behavior.

Hire-purchase rights call for public service sharing

  "Gradually make rent-and-purchase houses have equal rights in enjoying public services", this is the requirement of the 2020 Central Economic Work Conference.

This also means that resolving the residential properties of the house is only the first step, but also to enable new citizens to enjoy equal rights in public services.

  For several months, He Binbin, who rents a house in Dongcheng District, Beijing, is busy enrolling in kindergarten for his children.

He Binbin and her husband stayed in Beijing to work after graduating from university. They both have non-Beijing household registrations and have not bought a house.

How to let children enter the kindergarten and school in Beijing has become their most worrying thing.

  He Binbin told reporters that if a child is a non-Beijing child, if he wants to enroll in a public kindergarten, he needs to prepare a lot of materials, including housing lease contracts, employment certificates, and temporary residence permits in Beijing.

"If you live in a rented house and your child does not settle down, attending school will be greatly affected. If you want to go to a public kindergarten nearby, you will not only have a lot of procedures, but also check whether the kindergarten has a quota for non-Beijing children." He Binbin said, in terms of children's schooling, Because house property rights are directly linked to school, the difference between renting a house and self-owned property houses is very obvious.

  How to ensure that renters can enjoy the same public services as buyers?

Experts said that first, the government must further increase the supply of basic public services so that compulsory education and basic medical care can meet the needs of all residents, including "rent" and "purchase."

Second, we must promote the healthy development of the housing rental market and increase the supply of affordable rental housing. The government must assume the basic guarantee responsibilities and gradually break the boundaries of "rental and purchase equal rights".

  "Rent-purchasing houses have the same right to enjoy public services, that is, it is not just a'ticket' for the house." Experts in the real estate industry analyzed and pointed out that in the past, some public services could only be enjoyed by buying a house. With the integration of the "same rights" policy, urban resources can also be enjoyed by renting a house.

  Under the protection of Beijing's public rental housing policy, Zhang Qi, who also did not buy a house in Beijing, applied for a public rental housing in Fengtai District, Beijing last May.

  According to the "Notice on Accelerating the Development and Standardizing the Management of the City's Housing Rental Market" jointly issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development and Reform in September 2017, the tenants of public rental housing are households without housing registration in the city. Among them, School-age children of tenants who meet the prescribed conditions can receive compulsory education in this area.

"Compared with renting through intermediaries before, renting public rental housing brings more security. Not only can you apply for children's school, but you can also apply for household registration and relocation procedures according to the information registered on the housing rental supervision platform. Her collective household registration can become a family household registration.” Zhang Qi said that now public rental housing also allows her to enjoy the same public services as buying a house.

  The Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Wang Menghui said recently that the Central Economic Work Conference proposed to vigorously develop rental housing, which is a major structural issue.

Solving the housing difficulties of new citizens and young people, especially those engaged in basic public services, is a very effective method that can solve the problem as soon as possible.

  According to reports, this year, various places will accelerate the construction of a housing security system with affordable rental housing and shared property housing as the main body. Among them, public rental housing is mainly for urban household registration housing and income "double-difficult" families, and policy rental housing is mainly for new citizens without housing. , And large cities with net population inflows will develop shared property housing, and the scope of supply will be mainly for the registered population, and gradually expand to the permanent population.

Prevent "explosive thunder" and "run off", fight the risk prevention and control "combined punch"

  In the face of an irregular rental environment, not only tenants will encounter "pits", but many landlords are also hard to escape.

Since last year, some leasing platforms have used factors such as the epidemic as an excuse to ask the landlord for a rent reduction during the contract period, and even stated that "the contract will be terminated if the rent is not reduced."

  Mr. Zhang, the owner of Beijing, encountered this kind of trouble.

A few days ago, the staff of the leasing platform called Mr. Zhang many times, saying that the overall rent level had dropped due to the epidemic, and he hoped that he could “voluntarily” reduce the rent by 20%, otherwise the company would consider terminating the contract with him in advance.

However, Mr. Zhang found that the rent in his community did not drop significantly during the epidemic, and the platform did not reduce rents for tenants.

Therefore, Mr. Zhang chose to accept the early termination of the contract.

Although the platform agreed to pay Mr. Zhang's rent for two months as liquidated damages in accordance with the contract, it also required Mr. Zhang to pay nearly 40,000 yuan for the renovation.

This means that Mr. Zhang has to pay the other party more than 20,000 yuan.

  In addition, some leasing platform companies are keen on "staking the house", and there are business risks such as "high entry and low exit", "long income and short payment". Many owners are worried that they will "run the road", and some owners have encountered platform overdue payment The rent situation.

In October last year, the news of the “bankruptcy” of Eggshell Apartments appeared on Weibo’s hot searches, and it was immediately exposed by the media that it was in a liquidity crisis.

Since then, all listing information of the Eggshell Apartment App has been removed.

  Ni Pengfei pointed out that in the accelerated period of urbanization, large-scale population movement, economic development entering a new stage, and diversified living methods, housing rental supply and demand are facing serious mismatches.

This serious mismatch between supply and demand has not only caused problems such as housing difficulties for new citizens, but also led to the prevalence of housing speculation, which seriously affected urbanization, economic growth and economic transformation.

  Regarding the standardization and development of the housing rental market, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said a few days ago that it is necessary to promote the promulgation of the "Regulations on Housing Rental" and accelerate the improvement of long-term rental policies.

Rectify and standardize the order of the leasing market, intensify the rectification of "high-in-low-out", "long-term receipts and short-term payments" and the establishment of fund pools in violation of regulations, to prevent "explosion" risks.

  In order to accelerate the development of the rental housing market, the 2020 Central Economic Work Conference proposed a series of policies and measures: land supply should be tilted towards the construction of rental housing, separate rental housing land plans, and explore the use of collective construction land and enterprises and institutions’ own idle land for construction leasing Housing, state-owned and private enterprises must play a functional role.

It is necessary to reduce the burden of rental housing taxes and fees, rectify the order of the rental market, standardize market behavior, and conduct reasonable adjustments to rent levels.

  "House prices in big cities are high, and the leasing market also has problems such as unreasonable supply structure, irregular market order, and unstable leasing relations. The housing difficulties of new citizens, young people, especially those engaged in basic public services, are more prominent." The person in charge said.

It is understood that the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will work with relevant departments to speed up the improvement of supporting policies for land, taxation, and finance.

For example, separately listing plans for land use for leased housing, exploring the use of collective construction land and idle land owned by enterprises and institutions to build leased housing.

  A few days ago, the "China Housing Development Report (2020-2021)" issued by the Institute of Financial Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Center for Urban and Competitiveness Research of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences also recommended that the "New Resident Housing Project" of "Combination of Rental and Sales" be launched as soon as possible. , Focus on improving the new citizen’s rental housing system. It is recommended to increase indemnificatory leasing by purchasing old houses as public rental housing, purchasing and storing social idle housing allocation, and guaranteeing objects from the market to rent housing approved by the security department and subsidized by rent. Housing supply.

  In Ni Pengfei's view, the "combination" of government policies is conducive to changing the housing rental and sales system structure, meeting the diverse housing needs of residents, and in particular helping to solve the housing problems of new citizens and promote urbanization.

It has a positive impact on increasing the overall housing supply, curbing investment and speculation, returning housing to residential attributes, and promoting economic restructuring, transformation and upgrading.

  Author: reporter Qiu Yue Liu Kun Yao Yaqi