With the declaration of an emergency to one of the three prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the government has set conditions such as a decrease in sales to business partners of restaurants that have shortened business hours and businesses affected by refraining from going out. Adjustments have been made in the direction of providing a lump sum payment of up to several hundred thousand yen.

In the three prefectures of the Tokyo metropolitan area where the state of emergency was declared, the government has requested restaurants to shorten their business hours to 8:00 pm, and if they respond, the cooperation fee will be one month. It will be expanded to a maximum of 1.8 million yen per unit.

On the other hand, since the impact of the state of emergency is not limited to restaurants, the government is adjusting to establish a new lump sum payment system, considering that the application for sustainability benefits will end this month. It has entered.

The target is the business that directly or indirectly trades ingredients and products with restaurants in 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures that operate in a short time, and the business that is affected by refraining from going out. is.

Both are expected to be subject to the recognition that sales this month or next month have decreased by more than 50% compared to the same month last year.

The maximum amount of lump-sum payment is about several hundred thousand yen for small and medium-sized enterprises, and half of that for sole proprietors, and the government is urgently adjusting the specific conditions of payment.