The Bank of Yokohama will charge a fee of 1100 yen per book from next month if a customer under the age of 70 who has created a deposit account wishes to issue a paper passbook.

This is a move following Mega Bank, and according to the Bank of Yokohama, it is the first time for a regional bank.

The Bank of Yokohama has decided to set a new fee for issuing paper passbooks as part of its so-called "paperless" efforts to reduce the amount of paper used.

The target is individuals under the age of 70 who opened a deposit account after the 16th of next month, and if they wish to issue a paper passbook, 1100 yen including tax will be charged per book.

Instead, for customers who use a "web account" that allows them to check deposit and withdrawal details for up to three years on their smartphones and PCs, ATM = automatic teller machine overtime fees will be free, and passbooks will be digitized. I want to do it.

Mega Bank's Mizuho Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation have already decided to introduce fees for issuing paper passbooks, but since the Bank of Yokohama is the first regional bank, the same will apply to other regional banks in the future. The movement may spread.