Before the state of emergency targeting one metropolitan area and three prefectures, some supermarkets in Tokyo have increased their product lineup and inventory so that they can respond to bulk purchases by people who refrain from going out. ..

The owner of the supermarket is calling out, "We have enough stock, so please calm down and shop."

At supermarkets in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, the purchase of cup noodles and pasta, which were sold out when the state of emergency was declared last year, has increased by about 30%, and employees are busy with goods before the store opens on the morning of the 6th. I did.

At this store, we have large packs with increased chicken and pork so that we can handle bulk purchases for people who refrain from going out, and masks and toilet paper are in stock for about a month. It means that we have secured.

A woman in her thirties who came to shop said, "I'm worried that the declaration will come out again because I have children, but I was able to shop with confidence because there are many products in the store."

President Shoichi Tanaka said, "In March and April of last year, many people responded sensitively to the word" state of emergency "and rushed to shop, but this time we have not seen such a move. We have enough inventory. I want you to calm down and shop because you are doing it. "