Recently, the price of chicken and eggs has been unusual.

This is because the number of chickens killed due to the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza is increasing, and the price of producing areas is rising.

Another reason is the increase in delivery orders such as chicken.

Reporter Kim Deok-hyun reports.


Consumers visit an egg stand in a large supermarket in Seoul.

The price of the production area based on 10 special cases was 1,350 won, up 14.7% from the previous average.

Egg prices in the production area have been rising for the third week from mid-December.

The production price of chicken broilers has also increased by 40% in a month.

When the production price rises, it is reflected in the consumer price over time, and the consumer price of egg and chicken broilers has already increased by about 5% compared to the previous year.

The biggest factor is the rapid increase in the number of killed chickens due to the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza.

[Kim Sang-geun/President of the Korea Breeding Association: Of course it is not enough if you can't breed.

One 4 million have already been killed, so what will happen?

Isn't the price going to rise naturally?]

The increase in delivery orders, such as chicken, also seems to have increased the price of chicken.

[Moon Joon-ho/Manager of a chicken company: Since the end of the year, since the 2.5 steps of social distancing has been upgraded, delivery sales have increased by 3-4 times.

The government said that although some items are rising due to the spread of AI, overall chickens and eggs are in a stable supply and will stabilize prices by releasing stockpiles.

However, in the case of chicken, the government stockpiles are mostly frozen, so it is unknown whether it will be possible to supply raw chicken in a timely manner.