Wholesaler Sligro saw its sales fall by 30.4 percent to 456 million euros in the last three months of last year.

The company announced this on Wednesday.

For the entire year, the people of Brabant had to make do with a turnover of 1.95 billion euros, 18.7 percent less than the year before.

Sligro was severely affected by the corona pandemic, mainly due to the forced closure of cafes and restaurants, for which the Veghel company is an important supplier.

At the end of the year, hotel restaurants also closed.

Another factor is that since the lockdown that took effect in December, only pass holders are still welcome.

The ordinary consumer can no longer buy there.

Sligro achieves the majority of its turnover (more than 90 percent) in the Netherlands.

The company is also active in Belgium, where sales fell a bit faster last year than in the Netherlands: by 26 percent to 169 million euros.

Sligro has not yet made any announcements about the 2020 profit. The company will publish its full annual results on 28 January.