Our reporter Pan Xu and Wu Zhendong

  The job search for 2021 graduates has started one after another.

According to clues from Xinhua News Agency’s “National Shooting”, many graduates’ personal information was leaked after posting their job resumes on the recruitment website and frequently received harassing calls.

  The reporter's investigation found that the sales of resumes have formed an industrial chain, and illegal intermediaries obtain job-seekers information through the management loopholes in the recruitment website and sell them at a price of 2 to 8 yuan each.

The main resume buyers are gray and black industries such as billing, micro business, gambling, and undocumented online lending.

  2 yuan a college student resume was sold

  Luo, a senior at Fudan University, recently chose to "not disclose" his resume when he posted his resume on the recruitment website. According to the website's regulations, the information can only be seen by the target company if it is "not disclosed".

But since the delivery, she received a call from a stranger, saying that she was asked to do a "part-time job."

  "The other party called me my real name as soon as he opened his mouth, and he knew all about me. He even knew that the unit where I had been intern must have leaked my resume." said Luo.

  Many graduates have similar experiences.

In some QQ groups, these leaked resumes are publicly sold and divided into "first-hand" and "second-hand", meaning resumes sold for the first time and resold.

"One-handed" resumes are 2 yuan each, with a minimum sale of 100 pieces, which contain information such as name, region, telephone number, and education.

  A job seeker surnamed Li on the information list said that in June 2020, he submitted his resume through several major recruitment websites, and within a week, he received intensive calls from strangers who invited him to join the micro-business, billing and other industries, and said that he could work part-time. , The income is generous.

In fact, most of these groups have no qualifications for business entities.

  "It was a pleasant surprise when I first received the call, but I felt angry in an instant," the job applicant said.

  Many college graduates have doubts about recruitment websites.

Ronaldinho said: "Even if I choose'open resume' for posting resumes on the platform, it should only be seen by employers on the site, not by everyone outside the site. What's more, I chose'not open'. 'resume."

  From "batch" to "customization", there are many ways to steal information

  The reporter contacted several resume sales agents in the name of buyers.

After understanding, they collected resumes through at least three illegal methods.

  First, collect on the recruitment platform through the corporate account.

The above 2 yuan resume is obtained by the intermediary by posting recruitment information on major recruitment websites.

They use publicly available company registration information, forge business licenses, register accounts on recruitment websites, publish false recruitment information, and lure job applicants to submit resumes.

  "There are multiple corporate accounts on hand, which can post various recruitment information and obtain various resumes." An intermediary said.

  The intermediary pretends to be an employer, transfers the resumes collected on the recruitment website to the personal mailbox, uses extraction software to extract key information such as name, city, education, etc. in large quantities, forms a text file and sells it.

However, due to the limited functions of the extraction software, the amount of information obtained by this method is not large, and often only simple personal information.

  "The number of emails is too large, and the mailboxes are bursting." An intermediary also "complained".

  Secondly, with the help of the internal contacts of the recruitment platform.

A group owner of the “Resume Download of XX Recruitment Platform” group said that he had worked on a certain recruitment platform before. Although the platform is now more rigorous, you can also get your resume through the relationship of the internal staff of the platform.

The group owner can use the headhunting account inside the website to sell the entire content of the resume at a price of 8 yuan.

  The reporter found that these resumes revealed the personal information of job applicants, including photos, detailed resumes, etc., and even included the job applicant’s "resume ID" and "recent active time" on a website, just like the resume on the recruitment website Copy it down.

The reporter called several job applicants and found that the information was basically correct.

  Finally, make money by helping buyers "through-train" register corporate accounts.

Some intermediaries also "teach people how to fish" and sell company accounts from major recruitment websites at prices ranging from 200 to 400 yuan.

First, make a fake business license, and then register and verify the "one-stop" service on the recruitment website.

Once the buyer gets the account, he can post job information and collect resumes.

  New regulations issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

  In response to problems such as online job hunting and resumes being sold, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced the "Online Recruitment Service Management Regulations" in December 2020, which clearly requires human resource service agencies engaged in online recruitment services to provide authenticity of the materials provided by employers , The legality of the review, shall not disclose, illegally sell, illegally provide to others the personal information they collect, offenders will be punished.

The management regulations also clarify the online recruitment and job hunting information specifications, information review specifications, network security and information protection specifications, and charging specifications.

  A staff member of the public relations department of a recruitment website told reporters that the company has strict regulations on the leakage of information from internal employees. longer".

  The head of the Mobility Management Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently responded to a reporter's question on management regulations and said that human resource service agencies are encouraged to use big data, blockchain and other technical measures to improve the efficiency of online recruitment services, and promote the rational flow and optimal allocation of human resources.

  The BOSS direct recruitment platform has sorted out the civil air defense and technical defense measures that have been adopted, including: enterprise certification must submit enterprise business licenses, in-service certificates and other related materials, and conduct public payment verification, corporate email verification, office environment video certification, etc. A dedicated team will conduct door-to-door field certification for some companies.

In addition, recruiters must have dynamic face authentication before posting job information, and must obtain online job applicants' consent before obtaining resumes.

  Some netizens have called for the online recruitment industry to jointly formulate unified regulations and improve internal management procedures to ensure that graduates can safely and efficiently apply for jobs online.

  Many experts said that my country’s criminal law, cybersecurity law, etc. have provisions to protect privacy. The personal information protection law (draft) is under study and formulation. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security’s management regulations have also been issued and will be implemented in March. For such incidents, it can be said that there are rules and laws to follow, and the specific implementation must also be investigated for violations.