The Secretary-General of the China Consumers Association Zhu Cambridge talked about the chaos of the live broadcast: the responsibilities of the host for the goods may not be very clear

Live delivery of goods will eventually return to the essence of commodity trading

  In the past two years, the unstoppable trend of "live streaming with goods" has become a new consumption model, and many problems have gradually been exposed.

  Zhu Cambridge, secretary-general of the China Consumers Association, pointed out that in view of the problems of selling three no products in live streaming and difficulty in after-sales rights protection, the main reasons for the chaos are the pluralistic subjects involved in sales and unclear responsibilities. The principles of laws and regulations must be passed Refinement of sexual regulations, the introduction of some regulatory guidelines, and even some industry self-discipline norms, to give consumers, anchors, platforms and other subjects clear guidelines to promote the sound development of this business.

  Zhu Cambridge believes that from the current point of view, live delivery of goods is still viable. Although it will bring some challenges and problems, after a series of regulations, it can develop more benignly, and in general, it will move towards a better way for consumers. Development in the direction of sense of gain, more convenience and safety, the entire consumer life will become more and more interesting.

  "No matter what kind of business format, model or marketing method, the means change, it is nothing more than how to better realize the docking between products and consumers. Live delivery of goods will eventually return to the essence of commodity trading." Zhu Cambridge said .

Live streaming to make up for the shortcomings of traditional e-commerce marketing methods

  Beijing News: How do you view the new format of live streaming?

  Zhu Cambridge: Live streaming, as a new marketing method, is a new thing brought about by technological development, and it is also an unstoppable trend.

The most attractive thing about live streaming is the interactivity and participation. It makes up for the shortcomings of traditional offline sales and e-commerce marketing methods. The anchors use their own experience and feelings to interpret to consumers, and realize people, goods, The optimized configuration of the three elements of the market satisfies the experience and gains that consumers cannot get in the process of traditional consumption methods.

  Internet celebrities and celebrities in live streaming are iconic marketing methods in this field. Using celebrity effects to convert traffic into purchasing power is helpful to increase consumers' true and comprehensive understanding of product information and save time and cost.

  The Beijing News: Why is live streaming more popular in 2020?

  Zhu Cambridge: Starting from the second half of 2019, when the dividends of traditional e-commerce and social e-commerce have reached a bottleneck period, capital, platforms, and merchants will turn their attention to new sales models.

  The 2020 epidemic is a catalyst, offline consumption is restricted, some local agricultural products are unsalable, and traditional channels are blocked, live broadcast has become an important carrier for the dissemination of commodity information. This is also the special contribution that live broadcast e-commerce made to society last year. .

The biggest pain point of live delivery is difficult to guarantee after-sales service

  Beijing News: What are the problems with live delivery?

  Zhu Cambridge: The China Consumers Association released a consumer satisfaction survey on live e-commerce shopping from January to March 2020 in April last year. In general, consumers’ satisfaction with all aspects of live shopping has not reached 80 points. Worries about false propaganda and product sources are relatively prominent.

  The Beijing News: What do you think about buying orders and traffic during live streaming?

  Zhu Cambridge: It is a relatively bad behavior to send goods to buy orders and traffic in live broadcast.

The vitality of the live broadcast e-commerce model is to provide consumers with more intuitive and comprehensive information. Now the most important data is almost all false, which seriously misleads consumers' choices and also harms businesses.

  The "E-Commerce Law" stipulates that scrutinizing orders and speculating letters and making false evaluations are illegal acts, and misunderstandings are also typical acts of unfair competition.

  The Beijing News: How should the platform stop the purchase of orders?

  Zhu Cambridge: I'm not sure whether the platform can be circumvented through technical means, but the platform must at least make such an effort and take the responsibility of self-discipline. This is also a necessary means to maintain the healthy growth of the live streaming format.

  Beijing News: From a supervisory point of view, how to deal with live broadcast delivery of goods and orders?

  Zhu Cambridge: It must be technically necessary. It is not easy to find out, otherwise, there will be no more orders.

Still encourage everyone to report more, and at the same time use some technical means to actively discover and implement supervision.

  Beijing News: What is the biggest pain point of live delivery?

  Zhu Cambridge: Mainly it is difficult to guarantee after-sales service.

There are multiple entities involved in the sales of live broadcasts, and the responsibilities are not clear. They don't know who to look for when defending their rights. This is the fundamental reason why consumers are difficult to defend their rights.

Consumers bought it only after looking at the anchor. As a result, the anchor might say that you are dealing with Taobao and JD. It has nothing to do with me.

If you look for the seller in the flagship store, he might say that you got the traffic through the live broadcast room. If you look for the platform, he might say that I just provide the venue and you have to find the anchor first.

The legal provisions for standardizing live broadcast delivery need to be further refined

  The Beijing News: For consumers, it is difficult to distinguish the main responsibilities behind them. In many cases, they still recognize the anchor.

How to solve the problem of unclear subject's multiple responsibilities?

  Zhu Cambridge: At present, there are relevant laws and regulations, but now there are new ways, and there are more entities. It is necessary for relevant functional departments to clarify the responsibilities of these entities through detailed laws, regulations, and rules.

Clarify the circumstances under which the anchor bears the responsibility of the spokesperson, seller or operator; should the short video platform bear the responsibility of the e-commerce platform operator in the e-commerce law.

Once the responsibilities are clarified, consumers will know who to call.

  This allows consumers to clarify the role of the corresponding anchor when participating in the live broadcast room and completing the shopping behavior, and know who to use to defend their rights in the subsequent rights protection.

These are now being actively improved by relevant regulatory authorities.

  Beijing News: Which departments can make these regulations now?

  Zhu Cambridge: Commercial department, market supervision department, internet information department, cultural tourism department, radio and television department, etc.

In addition, some industry organizations can also be guided from the perspective of self-discipline, such as the Media Shopping Professional Committee of the China Business Federation and the Advertising Association. Although they are not compulsory, they have some guidelines.

  Beijing News: Is it necessary to formulate regulations in vertical fields?

  Zhu Cambridge: From a legal point of view, the legal provisions governing live streaming are not blank.

The problems reflected in the live delivery of goods involve the responsibilities of each entity in the e-commerce business model, the protection of consumer rights, the regulation of advertising and publicity, and the quality of products, which can be covered by corresponding laws.

Mainly in terms of legal applicability and pertinence, it needs to be refined at the level of regulations and norms.

  Beijing News: The China Consumers Association once criticized some celebrities for carrying goods by name. What is the follow-up effect?

  Zhu Cambridge: They first accepted supervision, secondly they asked for guidance, and thirdly, they also reflected their confusion and the troubles of unclear related laws.

At the same time, they all expressed a very positive desire to participate in our guidance to consumers and the dissemination of laws and consumer knowledge, and hope that the consumer environment will be better, and that the format of live marketing will develop more and more. fast.

  I generally feel that these practitioners still want to do a good job, but in the face of the new business format, their understanding of relevant regulations, their own role, and their responsibilities may not be very clear.

Live streaming can develop more benignly after being regulated

  Beijing News: How do consumers avoid routines in the live broadcast room and defend their rights?

  Zhu Cambridge: Consumers should shop rationally, confirm the product's guarantee information before placing an order, and don't be greedy for cheap.

  There are statutory channels for subsequent rights protection. First, go to the operator or anchor to communicate. This is the easiest and best way to solve the problem.

If the negotiation fails, you can still report it through the Consumers Association, current affairs hotline, or contact the relevant administrative department to file a complaint. If the amount is relatively large, you can still sue.

Today's young consumers also have many ways to defend their rights, through public opinion, Weibo, etc., through various fancy ways of defending their rights.

We suggest that rights protection should be within a reasonable and legal scope, and rationality is conducive to solving the problem.

  Beijing News: Is it advisable for professional counterfeiters to defend their rights?

How to treat?

  Zhu Cambridge: In the eyes of the Consumers Association, there are only consumers and non-consumers, whether they are professional counterfeiters or other roles. As long as they are legitimate consumers and their rights are violated, we will protect them.

  Purifying the consumption environment requires social governance, and no one can take all of it.

There are too many aspects involved in management, and there are many subjects that need to participate in governance. Only when everyone is actively playing a role can the overall environment be improved.

It is impossible to rely solely on judicial, administrative supervision and consumer associations.

As long as it is within the scope permitted by the law, it is necessary to exercise supervision rights, safeguard one's own rights and interests, and truly achieve the effect of purifying the market.

  Beijing News: What is the future trend of the live streaming format?

  Zhu Cambridge: From the current point of view, live streaming is still alive.

Although it will bring some challenges and problems, after a series of regulations, it will be able to develop more benignly. Generally, it will develop in a direction that makes consumers more accessible, more convenient and safer. The entire consumer life will be More and more interesting.

  No matter what kind of business format, model or marketing method, the means change, it is nothing more than how to better realize the docking between products and consumers, live broadcast delivery will eventually return to the essence of commodity trading, maybe the 5G era is coming , Artificial intelligence technology is more advanced, and the Internet of Things is more developed, which can make the configuration of people, goods, and fields more effective and safer, and give consumers a better way to experience. It will make the live broadcast more complete, or it will replace the live broadcast. , I think it is possible.

  Beijing News reporter Zhao Pengle