Apple sells many more apps through the App Store than before due to the corona crisis.

The American company reports that much more was spent in the last week of 2020 than a year earlier.

On New Year's Day, spending via the app store even reached the highest level ever for a single day.

All told, $ 1.8 billion ($ 1.5 billion) was spent on the App Store in the week from Christmas Eve through New Year's Eve, up from $ 1.4 billion in the same days a year ago.

On January 1, this amounted to 540 million dollars (440 million euros).

On the first day of last year, the counter ended at 386 million dollars (314 million euros).

Most of this money went into games, Apple said.

The most downloaded apps last year also included video calling service Zoom and streaming service Disney +.

These are all services that people who are forced to sit at home because of the virus outbreak use a lot.

Apple announced on Wednesday that other services from the Cupertino tech company were also in demand.

But no user numbers were mentioned for, say, Apple Music and Apple TV +.

The company did for Apple Books, which now has 90 million monthly active users.

Services are becoming an increasingly important part of Apple's overall revenue.

In addition, the App Store is one of the largest sources of income because of the hefty commission that Apple charges on the sales of app developers.

There was a lot to do about that committee last year.

Developer Epic Games even went to court because the games maker found that Apple controls an illegal monopoly with the store and is guilty of abuse of power.

Apple decided in November to halve its commission for companies with sales of up to $ 1 million, from 30 to 15 percent.