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A maintenance campaign that includes 315 cars "Chevrolet" and "GMC"

“Economy”: The agent will contact the dealers to determine the date of conducting the necessary examination.


The Ministry of Economy announced the launch of maintenance campaigns that include 315 cars, "GMC Sierra" models 2019-2020, "GMC Yukon" model 2021, "Chevrolet Silverado" models 2019-2021, and "Chevrolet Tahoe" model 2021, and "Chevrolet Superman" model 2021, in cooperation with the dealership of the car in the country, "Al Ghandi Auto" and "Bin Hammouda Motors".

The ministry clarified, in a report issued yesterday, that the summons is due to the fact that "General Motors" reported that the safety belt brackets for the front middle seat in those vehicles may not be fastened to the seat frame, and passengers may hear a cracking sound or they may notice that the belt The seat safety in the middle position of the first row is loose or detached from the seat frame, which may increase the risk of injury to the passenger in the event of a collision, or in the case of braking while traveling at high speed, which may increase the risk of injury to the driver in the event of a collision.

The ministry added that the agents of the vehicles included in the campaign will check the seat belt arches for the middle seat in the first row from the left and right sides, and reinstall them if necessary.

She indicated that customers who own cars of these models should expect a call from a General Motors dealer within the country, to set a date for receiving their cars for the repair and necessary examination of the affected cars in the UAE, and the required modifications, provided that repairs are made free of charge.

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