China News Service, January 6, According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, recently, 19 departments including the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on promoting the high-quality development of external design consulting (hereinafter referred to as the notice).

  According to the notice, external design consulting refers to Chinese enterprises or other units providing consulting and management services for overseas investment and construction projects, and carrying out relevant planning, consulting, survey, design, costing, supervision, project management, and operation and maintenance activities. It is an external contracting An important part of the project.

At present, the “Belt and Road” initiative is being implemented in depth, and the process of building a new open economy system is accelerating. The development of external design and consulting is facing good opportunities.

  The notice proposes that by 2035, China’s external design consulting will be significantly more competitive in the international market, and its position in the value chain of foreign contracted projects will be significantly improved. It will have a stronger driving and leading role in the development of foreign contracted projects and support external design consulting. The developed standard and normative system, service guarantee system, policy support system, and talent training system are gradually improved, and a group of design consulting companies covering different business levels and fields, with certain international influence and expertise, will be important to the economy of China and the country where the project is located. The role of promoting social development has been further enhanced, and its role in promoting the high-quality development of the "Belt and Road" joint construction has become more prominent.

  The notice proposes to strengthen fiscal, taxation, financial and insurance support.

Among them, we must increase fiscal and taxation policy support.

Support and guide enterprises to pay attention to the whole process of project development and operation management through existing channels.

Encourage and support the international operation of the design and consulting industry through existing funding channels, and promote the "going global" of Chinese technologies and standards.

Encourage enterprises to make full use of relevant preferential tax policies to support enterprises to enjoy preferential tax policies in accordance with laws and regulations, and to reduce overseas operating costs.

Actively sign bilateral tax agreements with foreign companies and promote them to take effect to avoid double taxation of enterprises.

Encourage qualified commercial financial institutions and enterprises to study the establishment of external design consulting development funds within the scope of business in accordance with the principles of legal compliance and risk control, so as to reduce the pressure on early-stage development funds for enterprise projects.

  In addition, innovative financial and insurance service products.

Encourage various financial and insurance institutions to develop financial and insurance products suitable for the characteristics of external design and consulting enterprises and projects in accordance with the principles of controllable risks and sustainable business, explore the introduction of professional liability insurance, and improve credit support policies.

Provide high-quality and efficient cross-border financial services for external design and consulting companies, support them in the use of RMB settlement in cross-border trade, and reduce exchange risks.

  The notice also made requirements for strengthening policy guidance and mechanism guarantees, strengthening the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, strengthening the construction of talent teams, and strengthening public services and industry management.