"Shameful", "delusional" ... There is no shortage of adjectives on the side of the unions to qualify the bonus of $ 47 million that the boss of General Electric, Larry Culp, will receive.

A bonus to reward the stock market performance of the American energy giant, while the group plans to cut 13,000 jobs, including part in Belfort.


Almost $ 50 million is the tidy bonus that Larry Culp, the boss of General Electric, will receive to reward the stock market performance of the American energy giant.

The stock was to be above $ 10 for 30 consecutive days.

An extravagant bonus for a CEO, not unprecedented.

Except this time, there is a problem: the group announced in the spring a savings plan of $ 2 billion through the elimination of 13,000 jobs.

In France, the Belfort and Villeurbanne sites are particularly affected and the announcement does not pass to employees and unions.

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"It's disconnected from what we're going through"

"It's EuroMillions! I don't know what to say actually… We have to put a limit somewhere!"

In Belfort, social plan after social plan, almost a third of General Electric's workforce has collapsed in 3 years.

"Yes, that shocks me. It's disconnected from what we are going through, but we are disconnected from what he is going through! There are three of us, we will be fired at the end of the year, our positions will be phased out in a few months. "

For their part, the unions also rebelled.

"What is it, a mercenary, an industrial terrorist, who is ready to destroy everything, to sell his soul to the devil?", Does not take offense Philippe Petitcolin, of the CFECGC (French Confederation of the framing - Confederation general management).

"I think we have reached the end of this ultraliberal system. Saying 'the state can do nothing, it is the market that governs everything' ... Do we want to continue on this path?"

The bonus could even reach 230 million

"When you learn that, during the holiday season, and you know that you are targeted by a dismissal plan, and that you will be given three peanuts after 25 or 30 years of good and loyal service. ., for her part is sorry Nadine Boux from the same union.

If the CEO achieves very affordable financial goals, his bonus could even increase from $ 47 to $ 230 million.

Almost a quarter of a billion dollars ...